Boris Becker claims he’s in talks over bbc tennis comeback despite stint in jail

Boris Becker claims he is in discussions about making a BBC tennis commentary comeback.

The three-time Wimbledon champion, 55, last year missed out on his lucrative long-running contract to cover the tournament when he was jailed for breaking the terms of his bankruptcy. He now claims sponsors have stuck by him and discussions with the BBC are happening to get him back on UK telly.

His commentary work for Eurosport has already restarted. The former tennis ace, nicknamed ‘Boom Boom’ due to his thunderous serve, said: “I’m one of many who have to work for a living, and I’m not ashamed of that.

“I’m planning to re-establish brand Boris Becker, because that ultimately pays the bills.” He was deported back to Germany under the terms of his early release. It’s understood he can’t apply to enter the UK for 10 years.

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The rule initially made it doubtful he could return to his Wimbledon job for the BBC. But Becker – jailed for two-and-a-half years for flouting the terms of his bankruptcy by hiding £2.5million worth of assets and loans to avoid paying his debts – insists he has “plans”, although he wouldn’t go into any more detail.

In 2021, his partner Lilian registered a company called BFB Enterprises – Becker’s initials. The BBC says there are “currently” no plans to work with him.

The former sportsman, freed in December after serving only eight months of his sentence, also opened up about his time behind bars. He said: “It’s a proper punishment. Whoever says that prison life is easy is a liar.

“You have to deal with your own demons, especially in the first weeks. So you have to discipline yourself, discipline your mind, and discipline your time. If you don’t, it’s a very lonely place.”

Known as prisoner A2923EV, Boris did his time at HMP Wandsworth then HMP Huntercombe in Oxfordshire for 231 days. He said about having his status stripped from him behind bars: “I was a number. I wasn’t the famous tennis guy, that’s for sure.”

Before being banged up, he said he watched prison movies to prepare for life as a con. But he added: “After a week, I realised I knew nothing about it. It has its own rules, its own world, its own difficulties. And you think it’s safe, because you’re in prison, right? But prison life is very dangerous.”

He claimed he was targeted inside by two convicted murderers who threatened him with torture and death if he didn’t give them money and become their laundry slave. Boris said he got by after landing a job as a personal trainer in Huntercombe, helping the head of the gym, who also taught Stoicism.

The twice divorced dad-of-four added: “One of the things you must learn inside, and quickly, is the word acceptance. You have to accept your verdict, accept your time, accept where you are. The only thing you can be the master of is your mind.

“I managed. I think my tennis life helped. I was probably a Stoic when I was playing, without knowing it. Now, I wasn’t dealing with normal students, I was dealing with criminals: murderers, rapists, people smugglers.”


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