Chain-smoking runner puffs on 42 cigs during marathon – and does amazing time

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    Most marathon runners need to be in tip-top condition and fuel their bodies right just to make the start line for the gruelling 26-mile race.

    But for a Chinese runner, known among running circles as Uncle Chen, it is a breeze and little more than a smoke break.

    The 50-year-old has gone viral for smoking throughout his endurance races after recently competing a marathon race in Jiande in China.

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    Race organisers for the Xin'anhiang Marathon shared his finishing certificate after the race with the runner finishing an impressive 574th.

    His time of 3:28:45 saw him almost finish in the top third of the almost 1,500 runners at the event – with the rets of the field unlikely to have been puffing away.

    Uncle Chen was shown lighting up and chain-smoking over the course of the event and that is not the first time he has done it either.

    He is claimed to have run the endurance races in both Guangzhou and Xiamen in the last five years – with his time even improving over the years.

    Canadian Running Magazine reports Chen is an ultra-marathon runner and shows no signs of slowing down.

    There are currently no rules in place that prohibit runners from smoking as they make their way around the course with users on Chinese social media app Weibo were baffled.

    One quipped: "Is this not a doping violation?" while another added: "You will be second-hand smoking if you run behind him."

    However, many didn't see the funny side and suggested he is having a detrimental impact on fellow runners in the race.

    There were calls for the 50-year-old to stop the habit, with one individual posting: "Serious runners do not smoke. He should quit."


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