Comedian whose slow-mo celebration went viral comes up with epic tennis sketch

A comedian who came up with a brilliant slow-mo football celebration also boasts a hilarious tennis skit.

Football fans went wild after watching the clip, which earned millions of likes across the world. Salford-born Porter performed the gag at the Up The Creek Comedy Club in south-east London, where the audience gave a tentative 'yes' when he first asked if they wanted to see the routine. Just 20 seconds later the venue was in hysterics.

His performance starts with a dead-eyed stare across the stage and quickly develops into a convincing slow-mo run featuring perfectly timed swings of his arms to the tongue sticking out in concentration.

Porter has also given tennis similar treatment, which is appropriate with the fourth Grand Slam of the year, the US Open, underway.

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He first imitates shots from a rally, complete with fiercely focused facial expressions. He then pretends to fist-pump in celebration, greet his opponent and then shake hands with an imaginary umpire. Like the football spot, it drew howls of laughter from the audience.

One fan joked: “This guy was born in slow motion.” Another agreed: “I’m 100% convinced he actually lives in slow motion and speeds up around people to act normal.”

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A third added: “Absolute gem this guy.” A fourth quipped: “Legend has it Neo from the Matrix got his skills from Karl.”

Another fan joked: “Good slow motion should just be defined as karlporter frames per second.”

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Meanwhile, other fans called on Porter to perform slow-mo from other sports. One fan said suggested: “Scoring 180 in darts? Or checking out with a 9 dart finish? [fingers cross emoji].” Another pleaded: “Do cricket next.”

At the time of writing, the tennis clip had been liked almost 51,000 times while the football slow-mo had a whopping four million likes.

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