England cricketer Stuart Broad ‘drives friends mad’ with Fantasy Football brag

England cricket star Stuart Broad says registering the highest Gameweek score in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) in 2018 ranks as one of his 'top three sporting achievements' and still 'drives his teammates mad'.

Broad is an avid FPL player and is part of a mini-league with both his England and Nottinghamshire teammates. And during the 2017/18 Premier League campaign, Broad racked up the most fantasy points in Gameweek 37.

The fast bowler utilised his Bench Boost chip and scored a total of 180 points, more than almost six million other FPL managers that week. And Broad enjoys reminding his friends and teammates of his achievement, having named his team for this year's FPL 'GW37 Winner 2018'.

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Speaking about his win on The FPL Pod, Broad revealed: "It drives the lads mad on our leagues because my team name is 'GW37 Winner 2018'. That's my team name, just to remind people.

"Every time a friend comes around for a cup of tea, I give them the mug that I got sent when I won. The purple Premier League winners' mug.

"It drives them mad. It was certainly [one of the] top three sporting achievements I've ever been a part of."

What's your biggest ever Fantasy Football achievement? Let us know in the comments section.

Broad also received a copy of FIFA 18, a Nike match ball, FPL rucksack and stress ball for winning the Gameweek, but had the package delivered to Trent Bridge where his Nottinghamshire teammates raided it and he now only has the FPL mug.

"The football gets used for Notts' warm-up, Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club have got that," he told the FPL Show in 2018.

"My stepdad uses the bag as a backpack for his allotment, so that gets some good use!"


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