Las Vegas sex worker offering discounted VIP packages to randy NFL players

A Las Vegas sex worker is hoping to inspire the city's NFL team by offering discounted "VIP packages" to its players and staff.

Gorgeous Ariel Ganja works at the famous Chicken Ranch brothel, some 60 miles west of the Vegas strip. And as a "thank you" to the Las Vegas Raiders for bringing excitement to Nevada, she's giving them a 50% discount throughout the 2022-23 season.

Ariel says the relocation of the Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas has helped boost her business at the brothel, and now she wants to repay the favour, proposing an official "sex worker partner" to go alongside the team's commercial tie-ups.

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She told TMZ: "I'm offering my VIP package to Raiders players and staff because the team has brought so much positivity and joy to the Vegas area and have helped boost my business at the brothel, thanks to the throngs of fans that visit Sin City to see the Raiders play.

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"The Las Vegas Raiders have an official gaming partner and an official beer and wine partner," Ganja said. "Why not have an official sex work partner?" I hope to treat my Raiders VIPs so well that they’ll be compelled to make me the team’s 'Official Sex Worker.'"

According to TMZ, the exclusive offer includes a free limo ride to the Chicken Ranch and a personal entrance to the private bungalow, so that those who redeem the deal and do so in secret.

Ariel, who also runs her own OnlyFans account, has almost 40,000 followers on Instagram, where she likes to post raunchy snaps in revealing lingerie.

Earlier this month she told the Daily Mail how difficult it is to be a sex worker. "The truth is that there is no such thing as easy money," she said. "Being a sex worker in the 21st century is a substantially demanding and high-intensity job."

However, the 36-year-old is planning for early retirement and hopes to retire from sex work in the not too distant future. She added: "I plan on retiring from sex work in my early 40s if all continues to go well."

Unfortunately for Ariel, her beloved Raiders didn't get off to the best of starts on Sunday night as they were beaten 24-19 by the Los Angeles Chargers.


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