Michael Jordan's Dream Team jacket from '92 Olympics is up for auction

Michael Jordan’s Dream Team jacket from 1992 Olympics which he famously covered with USA flag during gold medal ceremony is up for sale… and it could fetch $3MILLION

  • MJ was apart of The Dream Team, which captured the imagination of the globe 
  • Team USA destroyed Croatia in a 117-85 win during the gold medal match in ESP
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Another rare piece of Michael Jordan memorabilia is set to be sold within the coming weeks, with a notable item from his gold medal triumph with the 1992 Dream Team up for auction. 

Jordan famously covered the Reebok logo on the jacket worn by all of the Team USA players in the gold medal ceremony at the ’92 Olympics in Barcelona following a dominant 117-85 win vs. Croatia. 

Bidding for the zip up opened at noon Thursday and will close on June 28 at 7pm ET. It is expected to sell for as much as $3million. 

The six-time NBA Champion, of course, was the figurehead for Nike during his playing career. His love and loyalty for the swoosh was behind his decision to drape the U.S. flag over it. 

‘He could not bear the thought of wearing the Reebok logo on a global stage, receiving a gold medal at the Olympics,’ former NBA journalist Willow Bay said on Jordan’s Netflix documentary, The Last Dance.

Michael Jordan’s 1992 Dream Team jacket is now up for auction, with bids closing June 28

The Reebok jacket was worn by the Bulls legend during the gold medal ceremony in Barcelona

Jordan draped the U.S. flag over his right shoulder, in doing so, covering the Reebok logo

Charles Barkley (CL) and Magic Johnson (R) also covered the Reebok logo with USA flags

The superstar trio were just a number of Hall of Famers on the 1992 squad, including Larry Bird

‘Michael Jordan draped in the American flag – and that is not for solely patriotic reasons,’ commentator Marv Albert said during the broadcast of the 1992 ceremony.

Fellow Nike superstars Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley followed suit, placing the flag in the same position as Jordan, rendering the Reebok logo invisible. 

The jacket was given as a gift to former NBA media relations staffer Brian McIntyre who, according to auction house Sotheby’s, had the jacket tossed to him as Jordan said ‘I certainly don’t want it.’ 

‘When you hire 12 Clint Eastwoods to come in here and do a job, don’t ask them what bullets they’re putting in the gun,’ Jordan told the Baltimore Sun in 1992. 

There is an inscription on the left side of the jacket which reads; To Brian, thanks for everything.’ 

‘The Dream Team’s influence on basketball is immeasurable,’ Sotheby’s Brahm Watcher told Dailymail.com.

‘To be able to sell this relic from such a historic world event – one that is often credited for multiplying the popularity and global reach of basketball – is both rare and unparalleled. 

‘And beyond its legendary place in Olympic history, the jacket represents Michael Jordan’s fierce and devoted loyalty to Nike, a transformative and revolutionary partnership between two powerhouses that has stood the test of time.’ 

Jordan’s jacket is also available for public view at Sotheby’s New York from 24th June until the auction’s end of June 28.  

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