Mo Farah’s dad was killed by bazooka rocket strike as shrapnel hit him in head

Team GB Olympic hero Mo Farah has revealed his father was killed in Somalia after a bazooka rocket exploded and hit him in the head when the future track star was very young.

Earlier this week, Farah – the most successful British track athlete in Olympics history – made the shocking announcement that he was trafficked into the United Kingdom as a child. After arriving, he was allegedly forced into domestic servitude.

Farah also declared his birth name was Hussein Abdi Kahin. And in the documentary airing on BBC at 9pm tonight, Farah revealed his father was killed in a civil war conflict in Somalia before he was trafficked into the country.

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Speaking in his documentary ‘The Real Mo Farah’, the 39-year-old revealed the tragic circumstances that led to the shocking death of his father back in Somalia when he was just four years of age.

“I’ve got some good memories at Somaliland. At first, we lived in the farm with my father,” Farah said. “My father’s name was Abdi. It was very basic, just a farm. All I remember clearly is just being with my loved ones – my mum and dad, my brothers, sisters, my twin brother Hassan – and being their family.

“When I was four – I was just a a kid – but we were just out in the farm, a normal day. My dad went to look after cattle, and never came back.

“Due to civil war happening between the north and the south, there were a lot of people fighting where he was and there was a massive bazooka shot. It hit the ground, flew into pieces and one piece hit him on the head.

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“At that point, that was it – our life was changed and it changed all of us. To me, the hardest thing is, until this day, I don’t even know what he looked like.”

Farah’s wife Tania commented on how Farah takes lots of photographs as he never had a picture of his dad, and while he had memories, he never had any images of friends, family or anyone he was close to. She added: “I think Mo himself hadn’t really accepted what had happened to him growing up.

“The death – the murder, even – of your father and the circumstances of your family being torn apart and you being sent across the world. But he just wasn’t ready and he was able instead to just channel all of that pent-up emotion into his running.”

Farah’s father was killed in a conflict in Somalia; Somaliland declared independence in 1991 but is not internationally recognised.


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