Muay Thai fighter declared brain dead after sickening KO during boxing bout

A Muay Thai fighter has been declared ‘brain dead’ after suffering a sickening knockout during a bout.

Thai-born Phanphet Phadungchai took part in a life-changing clash with a French boxer known as Anthony TFC Muay Thai on Friday. Nicknamed Pan Diamond, the fighter received a devastating elbow to the jaw, which in turn saw his head hit the canvas hard as he fell in the fifth and final round.

He was rushed to a nearby Bangkok hospital immediately after, where it was discovered he had suffered a brain haemorrhage as a result of the impact. The incident is said to have left him ‘brain dead’.

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The term indicates that Pan Diamond suffered permanent, irreversible and complete loss of brain function. It also means he has no chance of recovery due to the tragic incident leaving him unable to survive without life support.

Phadungchai is therefore no longer being treated with stimulant medication. But the former Thailand national Muay Thai team fighter, who won silver at the 2019 SEA games in the Philippines, is being aided with a ventilator.

According to Thai Rath, a Facebook post from a family member stated: “[Phanphet’s] mother and wife have given consent for Phanphet to stop being treated with stimulants. However, he is still using the ventilator to breathe. We are waiting for a miracle.”

That comes despite several false reports claiming the family had removed his ventilator on Monday, thereby allowing him to pass away.


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