NFL fans end up in lake after wild brawl between Chargers and Cowboys supporters

Fights between two sets of supporters at a big sporting event are nothing new, but it's not every day you see someone tossing a rival fan into a lake.

That's exactly what happened when Los Angeles Chargers and Dallas Cowboys fans squared up during the the two sides' NFL clash this weekend.

Tension was always going to be high at the SoFi Stadium, with a larger-than-usual number of Cowboys fans in attendance.

The Chargers only relocated to the City of Angels in 2017 from San Diego, meaning many of their historical fans do not live nearby.

And the Texan team is well-supported in LA considering the city did not have an NFL team for 20 years between 1995 and 2015, forcing football fans in the city to follow teams from further afield.

There was a hostile reception for the Chargers on the pitch as they came out at the beginning of the game greeted by a chorus of boos in their home stadium.

The atmosphere was similarly tense off the field, with several scraps between fans caught on camera before and after the game.

One such video shows two rival fans squaring up to each other, with one woman trying but failing to separate them.

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A large crowd watches as a man, whose trousers appear to have fallen down, throws another man into a nearby lake before promptly following him into the water.

One of the men then continues to punch the other in the head as he tries to get back to his feet, before a woman wearing a Cowboys jersey jumps onto his back.

A second video shows a Chargers supporter holding back a woman who appears to be shouting at a fan, before running at a fellow Chargers fan and throwing a punch.

This sparks a a huge brawl as half-a-dozen Texans pin him against a parked car before throwing several punches at the outnumbered LA fan.

And a third clip shows a Cowboys fan left lying dazed on the floor of a bathroom in the stadium, allegedly after being knocked to the ground by a home supporter.

The footage then shows a Chargers fan throwing a cap at the man while he lies on the floor, before being helped back to his feet by an onlooker.

It was the Cowboys fans who ended up enjoying the day most in the end, as they came from behind after surrendering an 11-point lead of their own to win 20-17 courtesy of a dramatic 56-yard field goal from Greg Zuerlein.

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