Paige Spiranac celebrates World’s Sexiest Woman award with eye-popping products

Golf sensation Paige Spiranac, who was crowed MAXIM's world's sexiest woman back in June, has released a range of eye-popping products to celebrate the title.

The professional golfer turned YouTuber has collaborated with the magazine to put her face on t-shirts, towels and even a gift box to give fans the chance to have her likeness in their homes.

Prices range from a £35 towel to a £76 box of goodies and are sure to interest some of her 3.6 million Instagram followers by featuring some of her more risque snaps.

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The 29-year-old was been left in a state of disbelief after hearing of her award, having repeatedly asked them if they had made a mistake.

Spiranac said: "Being named the World’s Sexiest Woman by MAXIM Magazine has been a huge honour.

"In partnership with Maxim, I am excited to create a line of products inspired by my shoot and the concept of the Hot 100 List."

Will you be getting your hands on one of the products? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

She told The New York Post at the time: "It’s so funny, my manager called me and she’s like, ‘You’re never going to believe this, but Maxim wants you to do the cover.'

"Even up to when we did the photo shoot, when the magazine came out, I’m like, I’m still in disbelief that this actually happened.

“It’s such an honour and I still, to this day, I look at the magazine and I’m like, ‘That’s not me, I can’t believe this happened.’

“To me being sexy is about confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

"I’ve always tried to stay true to myself though out my unconventional path.

"And now I'm so proud to be following so many amazing women who carried the title in years before me."


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