Paige Spiranac ‘earns more’ than Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy per Instagram post

Instagram sensation Paige Spiranac earns more per social media post than fellow golfers Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, research has found.

Spiranac regularly wows her 3million Instagram followers with some raunchy snaps, showing off plenty of skin.

The golf pro also provides tips for the tee and green with short video clips on the social network.

And she is earning $14,072 per post according to the annual sport social media rich list from

That’s the most for any golfer with Woods pocketing $11,646 per post and Northern Irishman McIlroy earning $10,190 for each one.

Spiranac, 27, has not played professional golf since 2016 though still keeps an eye on what is going on.

But, with few names being as recognisable as Woods, Spiranac is worried over what the future holds for the sport.

She said: “Golf has been great now that he won the Tour Champions, and he won the Masters and it’s this resurgence of him coming back.

“More people are now coming to tournaments and it’s picked it up again but what’s going to happen when he is done playing? Who are we going to want to watch on TV?

“They are doing all the Masters reruns and it’s the same guys. Why don’t they get some fresh blood in there and do something different?

“It comes down to the media or the sponsors, where golf is so conservative and buttoned up.

“I know these players have personality, they’re awesome guys. But I think they’re scared to say certain things because they’ll lose a sponsor, or get hate from the golf community.

“They can never be comfortable letting their hair down and being who they actually are.”

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