Paige Spiranac wants to do ‘boobies 101’ for men who ask if her assets are fake

Paige Spiranac has promised "boobies 101" for men who ask her if her assets are real or fake.

The former professional golf star is no stranger to a cheeky response when speaking with her followers and has produced another one during a fan Q&A session on Instagram. One follower had implied that her breasts were not natural by asking the influencer: “Real or fake and don’t answer real cause that’s a lie.”

However, Spiranac produced a clever response as she revealed that they are in fact real, adding that she "loves" when guys try to tell her that they are not.

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"They're real and they're spectacular," she replied. "I love when guys try to tell me that these things, that have been attached to my body since the day that I was born, are fake when they're very, in fact, real.

"And they're like 'but they're fake' and I'm like 'they're real, what do you want me to say?' I wouldn't lie about it. If I paid for them and they were fake, I'd be like 'Yeah, I paid for them, they're awesome, look at them!'

"People are like 'well they change sizes.' Yeah, because they're real! If I gain weight, they get bigger, if I wear a bra – this is like a sports bra – they're going to look smaller.

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"It's just mind-boggling how men are so confused about boobies. I'm like, I need to do boobies 101 for you guys, so you can understand."

Spiranac has regularly entertained her fans with her social media content since retiring from professional golf to forge a career as a successful influencer, racking up an impressive 3.7million Instagram followers since.

Earlier in the Q&A she had also been asked by another follower whether she is dating Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion is recently single after finalising his divorce from supermodel Gisele Bundchen after 16 years with the Brazilian beauty.

However, Spiranac shut down the claims and called the rumours her and Brady are dating "crazy". She also answered questions from fans about golf, modelling and her podcast.


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