Roger Federer doesn’t know what to say as fan shows off tribute to tennis great

A stunned Roger Federer was left lost for words when eating dinner after a fan showed him his tattoo of the legendary Swiss tennis star.

Federer was enjoying a meal at a Parisian restaurant, when a chance meeting with a superfan left him stunned. Vinicius Carmona Cardoso went viral after his chance meeting allowed the superfan to show Federer his tattoo of the great.

The fan's tattoo, located on his wrist, showed the outline of a tennis court, with a quote from the legendary tennis star underneath. It read: "'There is no way around the hard work. Embrace it', R.Federer."

Cardoso said: “Hey Roger! I have a tattoo of you on my skin.

"You are my biggest inspiration and I didn’t expect to meet you here. I really do have a tattoo of you." The fan is then urged to make his way over to the tennis star to show him the ink on his wrist.

As a stunned Federer admired the ink, Cardoso added: “That’s a phrase. ‘There is no way around the hard work. Embrace it'," and Federer finally spoke: "Are you kidding me? Wow!"

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Cardoso later tweeted about their interaction: "The day I did @rogerfederer tattoo I was sure I would meet him one day and show he was under my skin.

"Keep dreaming and hardworking, cause dreaming makes us give our best and then everything is possible. Magic comes true. Such a humble guy!”

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