World’s strongest brothers’ 13,000 calorie-a-day diet with 10 eggs at breakfast

If you ever find yourself needing to deadlift the weight of a caravan or send a 286kg stone over a high bar, you will need significant fuel – just ask the Stoltman Brothers.

And the gigantic siblings fuel such goliath feats of strength with a brutal diet which can see them consume up to 13,000 calories a day before the World’s Strongest Man competitions. Younger brother Tom is the current holder of the enviable title, while his older sibling Luke, is a one-time winner of Europe’s Strongest Man and a five-time winner of Scotland’s Strongest Man.

In 2020, Tom shattered the world record for lifting five of the giant concrete balls (100-180kgs) in 16.01 seconds and also holds the world record for the heaviest Atlas stone ever lifted over a bar at 286kgs. As you could imagine, such gigantic strength must be complimented by an equally gigantic diet.

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“We’ll do the world’s strongest man example as that is the most brutal competition,” Luke said exclusively to Daily Star Sport, while representing PRIMAL. “I’m on about 10,000 calories a day leading up to that competition, which is a lot of calories. We don’t usually measure fats and carbs and stuff, we just do calories.

“Usually, we start off with like ten eggs in a day. We’d have porridge as well. Then we’ll go on to meal two which is an hour and a half later. This will be our protein source, which is around 300g of any meat we want, so steaks, chickens, and whatever we can think off.

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“Then, we’ll go on to lunch (yes, we’re not even at lunch yet) which for me is a cheat meal before the gym, so I’ll have a big burger and chips. Then we’ll go train and then, we’ll have our mid afternoon snack. If we want chicken, we will have chicken, if we want steak, we’ll have steak.

“And then we’ll have dinner which, for me, is usually steak burgers, 400g of potatoes and some vegetables. Then leading up to a competition, about a week out, it will drastically change to around 12,000 – 13,000 calories. Which will be all calorie dense food like burgers, pancakes, chips, just things that are easy to get into your body.”

To put some of these into perspective, you would need to eat more than three large chicken breasts or more than a kilogram of steak to consume 300g of protein. When told during the interview that I was consuming between 1600 and 1800 calories and between 160-180 grams of protein a day to try and lose weight, Luke replied, “I think I ate that when I was ten-years-old.”

Tom is preparing to break the current deadlift record held by Hafpor Julius Bjornsson, which currently stands at 501kg. Meanwhile, Luke set an unofficial world record by lifting a 228.4kg log press. He still has aspirations of reaching a 230kg lift to break the world record, set by Cheick ‘Iron Biby’ Sanou at the 2021 Giants Live World tour final in Scotland.


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