Adesanya tells UFC rival to 'shut the f*** up' and claims he's jealous

‘Hey Jon, shut the f*** up forever… you’re just jealous of me’: Israel Adesanya continues war of words with UFC legend Jones as he hits back at his arch-rival with expletive-ridden rant before labelling himself ‘the best light-heavyweight in the world’

  • Israel Adesanya has aimed another X-rated rant at his arch-rival Jon Jones
  • UFC stars Adesanya and Jones have been at each other’s throats since April
  • Adesanya claimed Jones is ‘jealous’ of him after he vowed to tear his arm off
  • Their ongoing war of words is adding fuel to talk of the rivals fighting each other

Israel Adesanya has continued his fierce war of words with UFC legend Jon Jones by telling his arch-rival to ‘shut the f*** up forever’ and claiming that he is jealous of him.

The duo’s ongoing back and fourth escalated once again at the weekend after Adesanya emphatically defended his middleweight title against Paulo Costa at UFC 253.

In his post-fight press conference, Adesanya said he still wanted to ‘f*** up’ Jones when asked about the possibility of moving up a weight division to fight at 205 pounds to pursue a second title.

Israel Adesanya claimed Jon Jones is jealous of him as he aimed X-rated rant at his rival

Jones, who is widely regarded as one of the best MMA fighters ever, fired back immediately, vowing that he would tear Adesanya limb from limb if they were ever to meet in the octagon.

UFC champion Adesanya responded with an X-ranted rant and insisted that his undefeated nemesis is envious of him. 

Speaking to ESPN, Adesanya said: ‘You say I keep mentioning your name but who has been talking about who? So I’m going to address him now, hey Jon shut the f*** up forever. You dirty motherf*****. 

‘This guy, he needs me. I’ve said this before he’s jealous he saw this young black guy, this freshman who has come up and done all the things he wish he could have done. 

Adesanya said he wanted to ‘f*** up’ Jones after dominating Paulo Costa on the weekend

UFC legend Jones promised to rip Adesanya limb from limb if they ever met in the octagon


‘You guys don’t understand. It’s easy, I’ve been there before so I can see it in other people. You see it in other people when you’ve been there before. He’s jealous of me because I’m getting all the shine he wishes he had, I’m getting all the attention he wishes he had. It’s just that. 

‘I told you, every f***ing fight and what happens? I get better and better every f***ing fight. They were trying to get me early so they can have me on their record books so when I do great things in the sport, they can say: “Oh we already beat him.” 

‘So I’m like: “No, give me time, I’m still working” and I’m getting better so now you can just say I’m the best light-heavyweight in the world.’  

Jones, who last fought back in February beating Dominick Reyes on points, maintains his focus is still at heavyweight but would consider a fight with Adesanya.

The two men have been at each other’s throats for some time and caught the imagination of fans when they began trading barbs earlier this year. 

Adesanya told Jones to ‘shut the f*** up forever’ and said he is the best light-heavyweight

Jones has traded barbs with Adesanya for some time and Dana White said they could fight

In April, Adesanya goaded Jones on Twitter by asking him: ‘Hey p**** you still there … @JonnyBones’ before Jones responded with a picture of Adesanya receiving oxygen after his sole knockout defeat as a professional kickboxer. 

He accompanied the image with a caption that read: ‘Wasting all that good oxygen. Someone wake this b**** up and change his tampon.’

The Nigerian responded by hitting out at the 33-year-old’s criminal record and tendency to delete his tweets after he’s sent them.

Part of his response read: ‘Did he do a post and delete Dwight? I been ko’d once and I never made that mistake again. How many times you been arrested?’

Earlier this month, UFC president Dana White insisted a blockbuster fight between the pair could be on the cards in the near future.

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