Amir Khan vs Kell Brook in serious doubt as Eddie Hearn claims fight is "bust"

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has announced that a potential clash between Amir Khan and Kell Brook is close to collapsing.

The on-going rivalry between Khan and Brook has been bubbling along for some time, however throughout the prime of the career the pair were never able to sign on the dotted line.

In a bid to finally secure the eagerly awaited fight between the former champions, Khan reached out to renowned promoter Hearn to get his help in getting a date secured.

And Hearn seemed more than confident the all-British bout could take place, after he confirmed this summer that there was desire from both Khan and Brook’s teams.

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The promoter said earlier this year: “Both guys want as much money as possible. So, we are a small piece of that. if there’s a deal to be done, there’s a deal to be done, but we’ll see.

“The other thing is, Amir Khan genuinely wants the fight, I believe. That’s always been the [problem]. Yes, you’ve always wanted the fight."

During the interview Hearn was gatecrashed by Brook who went on to ask the 42-year-old if the fight was going to happen to which he responded: “If everyone is sensible, yeah.”

However it seems not everyone was sensible as since then Hearn has gone on to confirm that the bout will no longer be happening in an interview with iFL TV, after revealing ‘neither side wanted it anymore’.

He commented: “This fight is a busted fight, we have pulled out of that fight.. You have got two guys sitting at home saying how do we make as much money as possible.

“Neither of them want it anymore. Neither of them, especially Kell. But listen if they can get the money, and they can get you to pay for it then I’m sure people will but we are out of that fight, that’s not one for us.”

Hearn also revealed he was close to securing Khan a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

He added: “I was in talks with Amir to make the Manny Pacquiao fight actually, about four weeks ago with Sean Gibbons before he made his decision to retire.

"We had that fight ready to go in great shape ready to go in Dubai. That was a fight I was interested in.”

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