Bare-knuckle boxer leaves fans outraged after punching already unconscious rival

Boxing fans have been left gob-smacked and appalled after a former UFC fighter landed an horrific blow on his already grounded rival – who appeared to have been unconscious in the first place.

Houston Alexander, 49, still seems to have those MMA instincts in him after landing a lights-out right hand to his opponent Wes Combs just approximately 30 seconds into the first round of the heavyweight boxing showdown.

After delivering the sucker-punch, the bare-knuckle boxer Alexander then left fans outraged by his next actions with his rival out cold on the canvas at BKFC 21 in Omaha, Nebraska, on Friday night.

Alexander followed up the heavy blow with what UFC fans would view as similar to a ground-and-pound move inside the Octagon.

The bare-knuckle American boxer then very controversially punched his opponent on the ground despite him already appearing unconscious.

But despite the contentious move, Alexander wasn't punished for his dangerous actions and immediately claimed victory via knockout in just 34 seconds of the heavyweight bout.

But boxing fans were quick to flock to social media to slam the former UFC fighter for his dangerous play – with many arguing that he should have been disqualified.

One fan wrote on Twitter : "DQ, barred from the organisation and at minimum a 5 year ban from being approved by the athletic commission. That is disgusting beyond measure."

Another said: "People think that because it’s combat sports, things like this should be overlooked, but no way! This is criminal! The athletic commission need to make a example out of this."

And another fighting fan said that if it was in MMA, then he would get away with it, but in boxing "you don't finish them."

Meanwhile, one observer noted Alexander's MMA instincts had kicked in against Combs on Friday night.

"Wasn't right but when you fight MMA for years and then just switch to BKB… it's going to be hard not to have the muscle memory to not follow up with shots," the social media user argued. "You could tell Houston felt super bad about it."

Alexander displayed a calculated approach as soon as the referee signalled for the fight to begin, but it didn't take him long to let his MMA instincts take over.

While controversy dominated Alexander's victory, the American made a winning start on his comeback in combat sports having last competed back in 2017.

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