Bisping continues spat with McGregor by suggesting he is 'lonely'

UFC legend Michael Bisping reignites his war of words with Conor McGregor… as he claims fame has made the Irishman ‘lonely’ in latest dig on social media

  • Conor McGregor and Michael Bisping locked horns on social media last week
  • The Irish UFC star took aim at other fighters moving into the acting world 
  • Bisping has made a number of television cameos over the last decade
  • The ‘Count’ fired back, claiming McGregor needs his ‘bodyguards around’
  • After McGregor’s recent response, Bisping has claimed McGregor is ‘lonely’

Michael Bisping has continued his war of words with Conor McGregor by insisting his fame may have caused loneliness in his life.

The two fighters, though Bisping is long-retired, came to blows last week after the ‘Notorious’ took aim at other athletes moving into the TV and film industry.

Shortly after, Bisping fired back at the Irishman before McGregor unleashed a flurry of tweets and voice notes directed at his English counterpart that caused a stir online. 

UFC star Conor McGregor took aim at other fighters entering the world of acting and film

The Irishman picked on Michael Bisping’s television cameos, suggesting they were forgettable

Furthering their row during a podcast with UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith, Bisping questioned whether McGregor’s celebrity status has caused him to become lonely.

He said: ‘The level of fame that he’s reached is astronomical and it’s very, very rare.

‘You’re talking about big-time A-listers. There’s a lot of people at that level, but to achieve it is f***ing very rare… I know a few people like that [and] they do get lonely.

‘They can’t go anywhere, they can’t trust people, so I don’t know if that’s the case with him or whatever… He doesn’t have a community, [but] he’s still got tons of fans, you can’t deny that.’

The exchange between the pair started on Thursday, when McGregor wrote in a now deleted tweet: ‘All these little twerps wanna be actors now. Little twerps, There’s Only One Mac Daddy. 

‘Bad to the bone but with a good heart. Action with Jake [Gyllenhaal] or Rom com with Sarah Jessica [Parker]. Bisping, [re]member that show you were in. Ye me neither.’

Bisping fired back at the MMA legend by claiming McGregor needs his ‘bodyguards around’ and has now suggested that the Irish UFC superstar is ‘lonely’

Bisping has made a number of cameos in television across the last decade, including appearances in Hollyoaks Later and Twin Peaks, which McGregor is alluding to, while the Irishman was recently cast alongside Gyllenhaal for the upcoming Road House remake scheduled for this year.

On his podcast, Bisping fired back: ‘I was just befuddled when I saw that. I’m like, where is this coming from? What’s all that about? I mean, God bless him. I’m actually on set in Bulgaria and we stopped for a little break, looked at my phone as you do and someone had showed me that on DMs. 

‘He’s all excited, he’s had his first beer and he’s doing a big show with Jake Gyllenhaal, God bless him. Good for f****** you. Well done. 

‘Why have you got to throw s*** my way? Just f****** make sure you’ve got your bodyguards around you next time you want to come and talk some s***, you little f***. Jesus Christ.’ 

From there, McGregor unleashed his fury via a series of now-deleted tweets. The ‘Notorious’ wrote: ‘Bisping you’ll do f*** all you little sprinter I’ll cave your head in. S*** fighter, s*** actor. Sirius Xm head. You’ll see when ya’s see me. Who’ll do what and who’ll need what. We will see.’

He later added in a Twitter voice note: ‘Do you want to go to war, man, yeah? Do you want to go to f****** war? We’ll go to war with you, yeah? Security. You little sausage of a thing. 

McGregor has recently been cast in an acting role alongside Jake Gyllenhaal this year

Bisping is one of the pioneers for British stars in the sport – making his UFC debut in 2006

‘I’ll have security set you up when you’re in Vegas again, pal. Keep my name out of your f****** mouth again or any type of threatening behaviour, or I’ll walk through your front door. You little dope. [Go] back where you belong you little clown, you little sprinter.’

McGregor is no stranger to an online spat – having locked horns with a number of fighters on the UFC’s roster in recent years, most notably with American Nate Diaz. 

The former two-weight world champion has not stepped foot in an Octagon since breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. 

It was recently announced that the Irishman will not be able to fight in the UFC for at least six months due to doping rules, as he’s not been tested since last July. 

USADA’s doping regulations do not allow an athlete to compete in the UFC unless they have been in the testing pool for six months, so any return to fighting in the immediate future for McGregor is likely to be in the ring rather than the octagon.

A potential second bout with all-time legend Floyd Mayweather has been in discussions but a deal is yet to be finalised.

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