Bitter rivals Amir Khan and Kell Brook clash as the sell for their fight begins

It has been a fight in the making since sparring sessions in 2004 when the two were still amateurs.

But it took just seconds for Amir Khan and Kell Brook to put hands on each other as they finally announced they will step into the ring together early next year at a press conference which began with a push and a shove.

It is the start of pantomime season after all.

It is a bout that may be past its sell-by date but it will probably still be devoured when the time comes.

Some of the pre-fight historyonics will be hard to digest but it will still satisfy a hunger from certain fans to see these two aged fighters settle their differences.

Khan, soon to be 35, and Brook, at 35, with eight defeats between them will finally get it on on February 19 at Manchester Arena.

It could have happened in 2012, it should have happened in 2016, and in 2019 we thought it was on.

But now it will be 2022 when Britain’s two best welterweights finally get in the ring to end their feud.

They have shared plenty of barbs over the years but yesterday they did it with the backdrop of the fight actually happening.

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Billed as ‘Judgement Day’ it won’t judge who the best welterweight on the planet is but it will finally end a saga which has hung over British boxing for years.

“The fight is done now so he should let go of the hate and the past but it eats away at him, I think that could be one of his biggest downfalls,” said Khan about his rival.

“He doesn’t dislike me, he’s just jealous.”

Khan was describing the fiery press conference which turned into a slanging match which neither won.

“With Kell Brook it is always good to have a little laugh with him, and light the fire a little bit because I know he gets angry and he’s not the best at responding so it is always good to get him on the back foot early,” said Khan.

“We have already got one on him.”

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Former light-welterweight champion Khan reckons he is getting the “lion’s share” of the money pot for the fight which will be at a catchweight of 10st 9lb with ‘six-figure’ penalties for every pound either is over.

The Bolton fighter believes his Sheffield rival is only in it for the money but the ex-IBF welterweight king insists it is not about cashing out.

“I don’t need to fight again, I live within my means, I am not like him and his wife flying first class everywhere,” said Brook.

“I am a council estate kid with plenty of millions so settling a grudge and giving it to the fans is what I am doing it for.

“Of course I will enjoy the massive payday but knocking him out will be worth more.”

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Brook will be back with trainer Dom Ingle who was not in his corner for his last fight against Terence Crawford which ended in defeat in November 2020.

While Khan, who has also a loss to Crawford on his record, will now team up with Brian ‘Bomac’ McIntyre, who trains their common foe in the US ahead of his first fight since a July 2019 win over an overmatched Billy Dib.

“I will probably spar with Crawford, he likes to spar once a week even when he’s not in camp,” added Khan.

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