Boxer hunts internet troll but takes kids with him as he can’t get babysitter

World champion boxer Sunny Edwards hunted down a social media troll while accompanied by his children.

The IBF flyweight title holder put a beating on a twitter user called Fab Tanga who paid £110 to travel 200 miles to get in the ring with him.

Once informed the troll had arrived Edwards drove to the gym with his two young children in the back of his car.

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"I'm on the way right now, don't go anywhere you little f***ing helmet," the 26-year-old said while on the way to the gym. The troll had yesterday vowed: "I promise, Sunny Edwards, I promise on my life that if you are not going to answer, tomorrow morning I will be in front of your gym between 11 and 12.

"If you let me spend the money I use to eat and you will not there, I will walk all Sheffield screaming that you are a coward." Once he realised the fight was on with Tanga waiting outside his gym, Edwards said on Twitter: "Nah you're cold for coming. I got my kids til 7 and I'm coming to get you and we going gym."

Tanga wasn't happy about the prospect of fighting in front of children, so Edwards put out a Twitter plea for someone to look after his kids so he could fight the Londoner without any distractions. Once Edwards arrived, the pair began to box and as the boxer landed several headshots in the early stages, onlookers advised him to focus on his opponent's body.

Despite appearing to have little or no boxing experience, the resilient Tanga made it out of the first round and continued to battle on. However, he was clearly struggling and after a punch sent him across the ring and into the ropes, he ultimately threw in the towel due to exhaustion.

He later posted on twitter: "I want just say with all my heart, thank you Sunny Edwards, you demonstrated to me that in UK there are at least one SUPER CHAMPION.

"I will pray the God to protect you, your family and friends. He is fast, he is really f***ing fast."

It is unclear why Tanga took up his beef with Edwards, who is from London, but trains in the Steel City.

Following their sparring session Edwards later tweeted: "Respect to @Ft90734510 for travelling 4 hours on train from London to Sheffield, on his own back & dragging me off the sofa for a couple rounds sparring."


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