Boxing legend Joe Calzaghe turned to drink and drugs after death of parents

Boxing legend Joe Calzaghe has revealed he is now eight months sober – after turning to drink and drugs following the death of his parents.

The 49-year-old said his drinking got 'out of hand' after his father, Enzo, passed away and he began using cannabis to try and 'block out' the grief.

The former world champion said that he has now turned his life around after he had a 'spiritual awakening' and admitted he has even tried going vegan in recent months.

Calzaghe's dad, Enzo, passed away in 2018 aged 69, and his mother Jacqueline died just 16 months later.

Speaking on the Anything Goes podcast, he said: "Yeah sobriety man, it's been eight months. I think obviously it was tough I lost my dad… I always liked a drink and that but I think after I lost my dad it was such a shock.

"Grief is an awful thing and someone I was so close to… you just try to block it out."

He added: "I wouldn't say [I was drinking] every day but I was drinking quite a bit, I was smoking a bit of weed here and there… It was ridiculous. I'm too old for that shit. It was just escapism."

Calzaghe, who has two sons, Joe and Connor, said the death of his own father was the worst experience of his life.

He continued: "You have denial, you have loss and I was just f****** at the time I'll be honest with you it was just a massive struggle. It is the most horrible thing to ever go through.

"I suppose [my drinking] got a bit out of hand because I was just trying to black it out. I was lost man because he was my f****** hero. And then my mum, she got ill, and I lost her as well and it was just awful."

Larger-than-life boxing trainer Enzo was credited with the success that brought his only son world titles in two weight classes.

Calzaghe continued: "I realised that although it was a tragedy that had happened my boys needed me and I probably wasn't there for them as I should have been because I was a bit f****** lost.

"We all struggled but at the turn of the year I had a spiritual awakening and I decided that was it, I don't want to hurt myself anymore I just want to be the best person I can be. Life is beautiful man.

"So I just stopped drinking completely. I'm living a clean life. My eating habits are not that good, I'm still eating too much. I've been trying to do the vegan diet….

"You just try and deal with grief and the pain and even now I still struggle with it. But I suppose with sobriety you get clarity and it hurts, but you are clear, you are present."

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