Boxing tonight including Usyk vs Chisora, Santa Cruz vs Davis & Inoue vs Moloney

Derek Chisora and Oleksandr Usyk are not the only big-name fighters in action tonight.

The heavyweights collide in London with the winner going on to fight for world honours while the beaten man licks his wounds.

But later on the night – or early Sunday morning in the UK – the action switches over to the US where Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz are in action.

The rivals clash at super-featherweight but Davis' lightweight title is, somewhat bizarrely, also on the line.

And there is also an outing for Japanese superstar Naoya Inoue who makes his first appearance since winning the World Boxing Super Series last November.

Here is everything you need to know in order to watch tonight's fights…

Derek Chisora vs Oleksandr Usyk

What time do the fights start?

The undercard fights will start at 5pm with the main event not likely to start before 10.30pm.

If the earlier fights are running late, Chisora and Usyk may not walk to the ring until closer to 11pm.

Latest news

Derek Chisora has been placed on a six-week sex ban to help him give Oleksandr Usyk a Halloween fright tonight.

The British heavyweight takes on the former cruiserweight king at Wembley Arena.

Chisora, 36, is a huge underdog against the Ukrainian ace, who is gunning for world titles in the sport's top division.

But his manager and motivator David Haye has been trying everything to give his man a chance.

And that includes a bizarre plan Haye would abide by in his career that has left Chisora pacing around his room like a 'caged animal' in the Covid-secure 'bubble' this week.

"About 12 weeks ago, I said to him: if you want to win this fight you need to do something you've never done before,” said former two-weight world champion Haye.

"You need to eat the right food, you need to get X amount of hours of sleep, you need to do all these training sessions, you need to have one day off a week.

"When it gets to six weeks, you’re not going to be allowed to ejaculate six weeks before a fight.

"He said, 'Ah, I don’t know about that'.

"I told him I need you in the ring knowing that you've done stuff that you've never done before, you've sacrificed.

"Before the fight you need to be fully loaded in every department. The engine tank, your nut sack, everything needs to be full and ready to go.

"I said, 'When is a lion most dangerous?' When it hasn't mated and it’s hungry.

"And when I see him pacing up and down, I don’t know if he’s thinking about fighting or f****** or what. I think I've figured it out – that’s why he’s walking up and down."

Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz

What time does the fight start?

The main event is expected to start at around 4am on Sunday in the UK.

That means fight fans will be left to decide whether to stay up for the fight – or set an alarm.

What TV channel are the fights on?

The fights will be shown on Channel 5 in the UK with the programme starting at 2am.

The channel picked up the card late in the week just as it looked as if no UK broadcaster would do so.

I s there a live stream?

The fight can be streamed via the Channel 5 player on your computer or mobile device.

Who is on the card?

Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz

Mario Barrios vs Ryan Karl

Diego Magdaleno vs Isaac Cruz Gonzalez

Regis Prograis vs Juan Heraldez

Michel Rivera vs Ladarius Miller

Jerry Perez vs Joshua Zuniga

Julian Rodarte vs Jose Morales

Kent Cruz vs Dieumerci Nzau

Anthony Cuba vs Leon Cavalli

Naoya Inoue vs Jason Moloney

What time do the fights start?

The main event is expected to start at around 3am on Sunday in the UK.

Fans who stay up following Usyk vs Chisora will be treated to hours of boxing with this main event due on before Davis vs Santa Cruz.

What TV channel are the fights on?

The card has not been picked up by a UK broadcaster but you can watch the fights at at a price of $9.99.

You can purchase the card by visiting the website here.

Is there a live stream?

The only way to stream the fights is by purchasing the pay-per-view as above and then by watching the bouts on your computer or mobile device.

Who is on the card?

Naoya Inoue vs Jason Moloney

Ewa Brodnicka vs Mikaela Mayer

Julian Rodriguez vs Jose Eduardo Lopez Rodriguez

Robson Conceicao vs Luis Coria

Andy Hiraoka vs Rickey Edwards

Andres Cortes vs George Acosta

Jared Anderson vs Luis Eduardo Pena

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