Cejudo and Cormier back coach who Tate slammed for 'ABUSE' in corner

Aspen Ladd’s coach apologises for his brutal mid-fight pep talk that Miesha Tate labelled ‘ABUSE’… but ex-UFC champions Daniel Cormier and Henry Cejudo lament the ‘soft world we live in’ and insist he was RIGHT to get tough

  • Aspen Ladd found herself trailing in the fight and her coach was brutally honest
  • He said: ‘Please tell me, what are you doing? Throw more than one punch’
  • The corner advice has divided opinion on Twitter among both fighters and fans
  • Coach Jim West has now apologised by issuing a statement on social media 

Daniel Cormier and Henry Cejudo have weighed in on the debate surrounding Aspen Ladd’s coach, who has now apologised for his brutal rebuke of her on Saturday night. 

The clip of Jim West giving Ladd a stern pep talk has divided opinion among both fans and fighters after he ripped into her lacklustre display en route to a defeat by Norma Dumont.   

He admonished her after 15 minutes of the main event, saying: ‘You’re down 3 to 0. Please tell me what you’re doing? You have to throw more than one punch!’ 

Aspen Ladd’s head coach, Jim West (left), admitted he was ‘a little harsh’ between rounds


Some saw it as very public disrespect of Ladd with UFC star Miesha Tate even writing: ‘This is ABUSE, what a douche.’

And West has now put his head above the parapet by writing an apology on social media, accompanying a photo of him working with Ladd in training. 

‘Tonight was not our night. It’s been our night many many times at the highest level but not tonight. I blame myself. Though it may not be my fault. 

‘It’s not up for debate. I take all the blame. Yes after the first couple rounds I may have been a little harsh but I know Aspen and at that time technical conversation was not in the cards being down three rounds. 

‘Nonetheless I own it and I am sorry Aspen Ladd, I will continue to be better each time.’

BT Sport shared a longer video of the complete interactions between the coach and his fighter to give greater context to his corner work. 

The footage was hailed by former two former two-weight UFC champions. Daniel Cormier wrote: ‘Thank you BT Sport. This is the greatest defense of a coach I’ve seen in a long time. 

‘Watching this video you see how Coach started, got frustrated, got his fighter to win a round and maybe two. If we live in a world where this is bad then I don’t know. No sorry needed!’

Ladd was handily beaten by Norma Dumont (right) and took a long time to get going 




And Henry Cejudo added: ‘I love when coaches get real. We live in a soft world.’

At the time, a number of fans took a contrasting view, criticising the way West addressed his fighter. 

One wrote: ‘Thought Ladd’s corner was borderline abusive and clearly was not constructive or helpful.’

Another said: ‘Ladd’s corner literally telling her she sucks’, while a third offered: ‘The coach in Ladd’s corner was disrespectful.’

Ladd was struggling to engage in the fight and her coaches were frustrated by it 

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