Chimaev 'feels sorry' for his coaches after 'many mistakes' at UFC 273

Khamzat Chimaev ‘feels sorry’ for his coaches after ‘making many mistakes’ in brutal victory over Gilbert Burns… but insists he will ‘fix everything’ for run at the UFC welterweight title

  • Khamzat Chimaev overcame Gilbert Burns with controversial decision win
  • It was a brutal battle and the Chechen was forced to come through adversity 
  • Technique went out the window at times and welterweight toughed it out 
  • He’s reflected: ‘I feel sorry for my coaches. I need to be, everywhere, black belt’

Khamzat Chimaev admitted he ‘feels sorry’ for his coaches after making ‘many mistakes’ in the victory over Gilbert Burns. 

The Chechen-born welterweight was a heavy favourite against the No 2 in the division but was made to work incredibly hard in the toughest fight of his career. 

Chimaev had only absorbed one significant strike in his first four UFC appearances but came through a bloody battle, during which he relied on his toughness over gameplan and technique at times. 

Khamzat Chimaev was disappointed by the mistakes he made against Gilbert Burns

The Chechen-born fighter came through to win a decision at UFC 273 in Jacksonville

He’s since reflected: ‘I feel sorry for my coaches. They work hard with me. I made many mistakes, Go back and watch my fight, like I always do. 

‘I will work hard, more energy. I need to be, everywhere, black belt — striking, ground-and-pound, wrestling, grappling, whatever, everything. I will fix everything now. One way I’m happy and one way I’m mad.

‘I’m mad because I couldn’t finish the guy.’

The challenges will only increase now for Chimaev, who has risen to No 3 in the division. He’s likely to either be given the next title shot after Leon Edwards or face Colby Covington.

Chimaev will no doubt have learned a great deal from the Burns encounter but it will be fascinating to see if he can maintain his composure rather than engage in a back-and-forth slugfest in future. 

Usman had called for Chimaev not to get ahead of himself before the Burns fight and has since told him not to get carried away with his own hype.

He told TMZ: ‘It was a very, very good fight. I think both guys came prepared the best that they could, and the fight showed that. 

‘I think a lot of people were disrespecting Gilbert Burns, because you get a kid like this that comes in and has all this hype and everyone talking about him, it’s just great — it’s great for the sport, it’s great for guys like myself. 

‘[But the hype] was very disrespectful to a guy like Gilbert Burns, who has put in the years, who has put in the time, has fought all these guys to get up here at the top of this division, and now you’re just kind of dismissing him.

‘And to be honest with you, I think just minor tweaks from Gilbert Burns, I think that fight was definitely very, very winnable — and I think he knows that now. 

Burns survived being rocked and also knocked Chimaev down in the second round

Kamaru Usman is the champion and has told Chimaev not to get carried away with the hype

‘And Khamzat coming in, he’s definitely showed — he’s done a great job,’ Usman said. 

‘Props to the kid, he’s done a great job with what he’s been presented and the opposition. 

‘I take nothing away from him. I think if I had a word of advice for him, it’s just to not get caught up in [the hype], because it kind of seemed like that was starting to happen.’

‘He’s gone out there and he’s beat the No. 2 guy in the division. He got the ‘W’, so it’s very difficult for me to say, ‘No, he doesn’t deserve anything.’ 

‘No, he went up there, he’s gone up against Gilbert Burns and he was able to go out there and do what he needed to do, so I take nothing away from him. 

‘If that’s the fight then that’s the fight. If that’s not the fight, then that’s not the fight.’

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