Conor McGregor blasts ‘tosspot’ Carl Froch and wants to ‘twist’ his head off

Conor McGregor vowed to "twist" Carl Froch's head off during the Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk II undercard.

Froch was working as a pundit for Sky Sports's coverage of the Saudi Arabia event when unbeknownst to him, McGregor called him out on social media in one of his rather odd rants.

The UFC star tweeted: "That froch tick little scrawny pencil neck I’ll grab his head and twist it clean off at a 1er with my bare hands. Little wally of a thing I’ll slap you around you little toffee nose toss pot."

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It didn't seem that former boxing world champion Froch had done anything to provoke the outburst. But he had insulted McGregor's ability in the ring in a recent interview, which could be the reason behind the comments.

"McGregor can't punch, he couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding," Froch told Joe. "I was there when he fought Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor is a big name because he's got the mouth and he's got the charisma.

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"I'm just sort of getting into mixed martial arts now, my knowledge isn't [great]. I watch a fight and I won't know who I'm watching but I have to watch it back again. It gets brutal in there at times and I've got a lot of respect for these fighters.

"We wear gloves in boxing, 10oz gloves and they wear little hand mitts. Alright, they're not massive punchers, some of them can punch, don't get me wrong, but they kick you in the face. They knee you in the head and do these spinning kicks.

"Then they get you on the floor, get you down there and f*** you up. They mess you up, they get you in some headlock and your arm. I admire these guys and I respect them."


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