Conor McGregor explains Dustin Poirier fight strategy in DM to former rival

Conor McGregor has told Urijah Faber in an Instagram DM that he is planning to "clean Dustin Poirier's clock" in their trilogy fight this weekend.

The Irishman will face Poirier for a third time at UFC 264 on Saturday night in Las Vegas, and according to Faber, he is more focused than ever going into the bout.

Faber revealed that he has been chatting with McGregor and that the Irishman has told him that he is planning on brutally stopping his rival.

"I think the key will be in this thing how intelligent these guys fight," Faber told Mirror Fighting .

"Because I always keep going back to the Max Holloway fight with Dustin Poirier and then Max's last fight and how impressive he was.

"In that fight with Poirier and Max size was the difference, and with Conor and Poirier it's the same type of scenario, so if Conor fight really intelligently and is more elusive and uses speed then I think this fight will go his way.

"The Conor I've talked to is very, very focused so I'm leaning slightly towards Conor on this one, but I know Poirier is a hard guy to bet against.

"He's been a guy who's made these massive improvements, but if I had to pick one way, which is really hard because it's going to be a crazy wild fight, I'll lean towards Conor.

"I've had some slight interaction with him, and I feel like he's really focused and really hungry on this one."

McGregor and Faber were once intense rivals; particularly when they were coaches on the 22nd season of The Ultimate Fighter and went back-and-forth in the 'TUF' gym.

And the hall-of-fame bantamweight was also a cornerman for Chad Mendes in McGregor's first-ever UFC title fight for the interim featherweight belt in 2015.

But the pair are now friends, with Faber saying that they have a friendship in which they are constantly throwing jabs at one another when they interact.

"It's mostly just banter back and forth," Faber explained. "We were talking about the TUF coming up here, and he told me 'I'm going to clean this guy's clock, mark my words'.

"It's just banter, but it's very sporadic and every once in a while we'll just chime in and say hello and talk some s*** basically through back-and-forth on Instagram.

"It's been a kind of awkward public relationship, but Conor is a guy I like hanging out with and the banter back-and-forth is a lot of fun and I have a lot of respect for the guy.

"I would say that Conor is a friend, I think so, but not the kind of friend that you're ever very nice too, we're always pretty much talking s***!"

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