Dillian Whyte says Tyson Fury will try to avoid WBC mandatory title fight but vows to ‘break him down’

Dillian Whyte says Tyson Fury will attempt to avoid a WBC mandatory title fight but has vowed to “break him down” if the new WBC champion agrees to a British battle.

The Brixton man has been denied a long-awaited grudge fight with Deontay Wilder after Fury ripped away the American’s WBC belt with a stunning stoppage win in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Fury is waiting to see whether Wilder will exercise an immediate rematch clause, while there is fresh speculation about an undisputed world title fight with Anthony Joshua, but Whyte says he deserves to receive the next WBC title fight.

“Listen, he should be fighting me next, regardless of whatever he thinks, whatever AJ thinks,” said Whyte, who has already secured a guaranteed WBC title shot by February 2021.

“I deserve it. I’ve worked hard for my title shot and I keep fighting and I keep risking my position. I’ve been No 1 contender for ages now. They should fight no-one else, apart from me. I’ve done everything that is required of me, so now it’s my turn.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t already started talking about the [Anthony Joshua] fight. Fury won’t face me, unless he gets put in a position, where he has to face me.

“Listen, we’ve already tried to make the fight with Fury already for the ‘Diamond’ belt at the time Deontay Wilder was champion. The WBC ‘Diamond’ belt is a higher ranked belt than the WBC regular world title. Fury asked for that, the WBC gave me and him the belt, and then he turned the fight down.

Let’s do it then @gypsyking101 @wbcboxing @wbcmoro I’d fight you anytime anywhere 7 days a week and 5 times on Sunday I look forward to putting you to sleep #LetsGobaby pic.twitter.com/DWl0Ir04ap

“Everybody is going to be: ‘He just beat Wilder.’ That don’t mean sh*t. This is boxing and styles make fights. Tyson Fury knows I’ve got what it takes to beat him.”

Whyte has already traded punches with Fury in sparring and ‘The Body Snatcher’ firmly believes he is the man to ruin his Brit rival’s 31-fight unbeaten record.

“Fury moves his head well, but he’s got a big body,” said Whyte. “Keep targeting his body and back him up. You have to lay leather on him and hit him hard to the body. That’s where you wear him down. If you hit him to the body hard enough and consistent enough you break him down.

You have to lay leather on him and hit him hard to the body.

Dillian Whyte on Tyson Fury

“All the top heavyweights know that I’m going to give them hard work, because I always come to leave it on the line. You know me, if I’m down on points, I will start swinging it out.”

Whyte and Wilder had been embroiled in a bitter feud as the Londoner was frustrated in his pursuit of a WBC title fight.

After being denied the chance to inflict Wilder’s first defeat, Whyte urged the Alabama man not to raise complaints after the cornerman threw in the towel in the seventh round.

“This is why Deontay Wilder didn’t want to fight me all this time, because he just knew I would beat him,” said Whyte.

“Fury can knock him over with a body punch. What would I do to him, if I landed body punches on him? I knew the way to beat Deontay.

“You’ve got to get him on the back foot, you’ve got to get him thinking and trying to use his brain, because from a boxing standpoint, he hasn’t got a brain to use. His boxing skills are terrible. If you can evade his power punches and back him up, then he doesn’t know what to do, he gets lost, and that’s what I’ve been saying all this time.

“He put on extra weight, but his body was still small. Fury basically tickled him to the body and knocked him off his feet. Imagine if I give him a full power body punch.

“To be honest, I never expected Tyson to be so aggressive early. I thought he would have worked his way into it a bit. It was the perfect game-plan.

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