Ebanie Bridges cant wait to get fat again as she reacts to throwback snaps

Ebanie Bridges has jokingly admitted she is looking forward to indulging in some Australian meat pies and getting 'fat again' after her fight against Shannon O'Connell on Saturday.

The 36-year old blonde bombshell is known for her weigh-in lingerie leaving little to the imagination as she hits peak fitness. However, the Blonde Bomber also admitted, tongue in cheek, that she's looking forward to letting herself go after this weekend's fight.

The fighting talk between Bridges and rival O'Connell continues to escalate in the build-up to their fight after the Blonde Bomber was called a 'skanky stripper' by her opponent. However, in a pre-fight interview with Matchroom Boxing, O'Connell accused Bridges of making their rivalry a person one.

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She said: "Ebanie has taken it beyond boxing by getting personal. I’ll break her down and make her quit. I think she think she talks too much, she forgets what she says so she contradicts herself every time she opens her mouth. I don't like her."

However, one fan was quick to re-post a deleted tweet O'Connell had sent about Bridges' weight in the past. The fan posted: "Bruh Ebanie made it personal? Hey Shannon remember this one? You fired the first shot (and most of them) you just wised up and deleted the tweets."

O'Connell posted a picture of Bridges running during training in the deleted tweet. In which she said: "I just got sent this. It would appear her flavour is meat pies…just saying."

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Bridges sent a jokey reply to the conversation, stating that she was looking forward to eating more meat pies after Saturday's world title fight.

The Blonde Bomber tweeted: "Damn can’t wait to get fat again like in this pic and eat more meat pies. 4 days." The boxing star was then questioned what meat pies were? In which she replied: "O my god!!!!!’ U need an Aussie meat pie."

Bridges had previous called out her opponent for the deleted tweet calling her a 'bully'. The Blonde Bomber previously stuck up for rival Shannon Courtenay after she was mocked by trolls after appearing to have gained weight.

Bridges previously tweeted: "Don’t like bullies. Meanwhile her (O'Connell) & her little clan r body shaming me. I don't think I looked that bad, but hey whatever makes her feel better about yourself. I suppose putting others down does that for her.

"We all know after I stuck up for my ole mate shanny for all the fat shamming, I’m really against fat shamming – esp fighters, & when other fighters fat shame other fighters it’s even worse. It needs 2 stop. Women have hard enough time with society expectations."


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