Ebanie Bridges opens up on five weirdest DMs from ‘foot slave’ to worn underwear

Ebanie Bridges has opened up on her weirdest Instagram DMs when doing a Q&A on the social media platform.

Bridges has made waves in the boxing world thanks to her immense in-ring ability and stunning looks. The Australian is also very active on social media – and she loves to interact with her fans, but sometimes fans can go a little too far.

The Blonde Bomber was asked by one fan: "Read us some of your weirdest DMs, lmao." And after a moment of hesitation, the current IBF female bantamweight champion joked: "Alright, buckle up," before delving into strange requests from fans.

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One DM that Ebanie read said: "Ebanie, do you sell your lingerie? If so, I'd like to buy your bra and panties set from you. I'm not worried about the price, I'd like to purchase a set from you. Thanks, please reply, thank you so much."

Bridges has been famed for weighing into her bouts in skimpy lingerie – and that has captured the imagination of the boxing world.

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The 36-year-old has used a variety of different colours over the course of her bouts – but she has joked it would be "disrespectful" to wear a red pair in Leeds.

Another DM read: "How much would it cost to be your personal foot slave. I want you to put your feet on me while you sit around with all your friends laughing at me and watching TV. I want to be your foot stall. Please let me be your slave."

While a third had added an attached image: "'I don't know how else to get your attention, you're too famous,' – dick pic." Bridges also added there were a lot of images sent, and she didn't want to open them.

A fourth DM read out by the IBF bantamweight champions simply said: "Would you ever sell your worn underwear?"

However, the strangest DM sent by a fan, that Bridges read out, said: "I saw your article about losers wanting your toenail clippings, I'd buy them in a heartbeat!"

Bridges had previously revealed on the Pubtalk podcast: "I get love letters, all kinds of stuff. I get asked for bath water, toe-nail clippings, sweat."

In 2020, Bridges told talkSPORT: "Give me your money, that’s my response! You want my stuff, then you’ve got to give me your money. There’s plenty of weird people out there.

"I haven’t sold my bath water, but I’ve been getting so many weird requests I was thinking, should I go buy some jars? I’ve done the socks and my feet because it’s a laugh and harmless.

"I thought it was funny and they ended up paying, so now any requests that come through, I’m just like here is my PayPal.

"You’d think normal people would want lingerie or something like that, but it’s all feet and socks. I do get the random requests for the bath water and other weird things which I won’t go into now."


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