Ebanie Bridges’ saucy detail on Elle Brooke’s underwear as she hints at fight

Ebanie Bridges has paved the way for a boxing match with fellow OnlyFans star Elle Brooke – as well as commenting on her close pal’s underwear.

The pair have forged a strong friendship in recent times, with IBF female bantamweight champion Bridges even appearing in boxing newcomer Brooke’s corner for some of her bouts.

Brooke said earlier this month that she could see the pair clashing in the ring in the future. Speaking to Legal Sportsbooks, she admitted: "Yeah we’re exactly the same weight so it could happen!

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“If you put us next to each other we’re like twins in terms of our body structure and everything. I’d absolutely love to fight her but she’d beat the crap out of me right now!

"Maybe I’ll do what boxers do, like the Misfits guys and influencers boxers do and I’ll wait for Ebanie to turn 45 and then I’ll fight her! So yeah maybe in 10 years' time, I’ll fight her. Oh no, did I just call her out!?"

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Speaking to Daily Star Sport earlier this year, Elle revealed she had sparred with Bridges: "There have been quite a lot of spars. I was much worse back then. She used to batter the daylight out of me, but in a lovely way."

Meanwhile, Ebanie was asked about the prospect of an in-ring dust-up between the friends during a recent Q&A on her Instagram page.

“Think me and @thedumbledong would both agree if it makes dollars it makes sense.”

In a subsequent question, Bridges was randomly asked about Brooke’s underwear. “What are your thoughts on Elle’s underwear,” asked one fan. Bridges simply replied, “They smell nice”.

Bridges was also asked other boxing-related questions, like when she could be back in the ring, to which she replied, “Towards the end of the summer”.


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