Eddie Hall tipped to beat Thor with "rapid hands" if rematch is agreed

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Eddie Hall could overcome Hafthor Bjornsson if the two powerhouses arrange a much anticipated re-match, it has been claimed.

‘The Mountain’ managed to overcome the former World’s Strongest Man in a titanic clash in the United Arab Emirates in March. While Hall did manage to knock down the towering Icelandic heavyweight, it was Bjornsson who would emerge victorious after bringing Hall down on two occasions in the sixth round.

Another huge bout between the gigantic pair is anticipated to take place in the run-up to Christmas. And former European Junior Boxing Champion and YouTuber Riley believes Hall has what it takes to equal the scoring with his old rival if he is fully fit.

“He (Hall) was fighting me with one arm because of his bicep,” Riley said to JaackMaate's Happy Hour podcast when asked about the sparring session he had with Hall before the fight. . “He was only using one arm throughout the fight, so I would like to see a re-match after he has given himself time to heal.”

When asked if Hall can overcome Bjornsson, Riley swiftly answered, “I don’t see why not, because the fight was close with one arm. Thor had two arms and it was close, while this guy only had one – if he has two he would probably have more of an advantage.

“And he knocked Thor down as well, so I would back Eddie. Although, Thor is also getting better, I have to add that.”

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Riley recently recorded a video with Hall, which saw the two spar with each other and exchange fierce blows. Hall’s immense size and the way in which he effortlessly imposes himself on others, may lead many to believe he is a relatively slow individual.

However. Riley stated Hall’s in-ring ability is anything but slow as he is much faster than anybody may expect. “Eddie has quick hands that’s the thing,” Riley added.

“He moves slow, but Eddie Hall has very fast hands for a big guy, he just moves slow in-between as he needs that recovery time to do it again. But his hands are rapid, when he actually going to throw I was like ‘woah!’”

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