Eubank Jnr vows to punish Williams in Cardiff and set up Golovkin bout

Chris Eubank Jnr promises to punish ‘keyboard warrior’ Liam Williams in Cardiff next month after clashing on social media and brands his rival ‘a bottlejob’… as he hopes victory will land him fight with Gennady Golovkin

  • Chris Eubank goes toe-toe-toe with rival Liam Williams on December 11 
  • The pair have exchanged insults on social media for the last few years 
  • Eubank slammed Williams as a ‘keyboard warrior’ and promised to punish him 
  • He hopes a win will lure the feared Gennady Golovkin to Brighton next  

Chris Eubank Jnr has vowed to cut the huge thumbs of ‘keyboard warrior’ Liam Williams back down to size – and then lure Gennady Golovkin’s iron fists to the south coast.

Eubank and Williams will meet in a mouth-watering middleweight clash in Cardiff on December 11. It follows years of needle online, with Welshman Williams routinely slamming Junior.

When the two fighters came face-to-face on Wednesday, however, Williams spoke of respecting his rival’s mettle.

Chris Eubank Jr (L) and Liam Williams (R) will come to blows next month after years of rivalry 

That left Eubank to brand his opponent a ‘bottlejob’. Nevertheless the 32-year-old insists he will make Williams pay for his words en route to securing huge fights in 2022.

‘He’s a turncoat, a keyboard warrior,’ Eubank said. ‘I said he has got a big mouth but he just has big thumbs. He’s had nothing to say for himself today, he came up here talking about respect. How can he go from the things he’s said on Twitter to talking about respect, it’s embarrassing. Shameful. 

‘I wasn’t surprised, I said coming up here he was going to bottle it and he is a bottlejob. He knows what is coming and he knows he’s talked himself into a position he can’t get out of. Now he is going to pay for what he said.’

The pair have been trading insults on social media and Eubank Jr has vowed to punish Williams

Victory over Williams, who failed in a world title tilt last time out, would keep alive Eubank’s hopes of landing a megafight in 2022.

The 32-year-old has long chased the likes of Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez. ‘GGG’ faces Ryota Murata a fortnight after Eubank-Williams and Junior insisted: ‘I would love the winner of that fight. I’m ranked with the WBA, I was interim world champion, their belt is on the line in that fight, I should be next up, why not?’

He would love to lure Golovkin to these shores.

‘Wouldn’t it be great to get that fight at the Amex in Brighton? That’s what dreams are made of.’

First, though, Eubank must come through Williams in the Welsh capital. The 32-year-old was happy to give up home advantage, insisting:

‘If he needs the crowd to help him muster up the courage to get him in the ring with me then give it to him.’

Eubank Jr hopes a win will set up a meeting with Gennady Golovkin in Brighton next up

Eubank slammed his rival as ’embarrassing’ and ‘a bottlejob’ and said his previous attacks on him were ‘personal’

There are echoes of Eubank’s father, Chris Snr, and his trip to Cork to face Ireland’s Steve Collins in 1995.

‘It’s just something I was born with it. I’ve been a target of hostility and disrespect and pressure and all these things from day one,’ Eubank said.’I just built up a tolerance for bulls***, for hostility, for being the bad guy and the underdog and everyone doubting me.’

Eubank sat at the top table in an eye-catching fur coat and sunglasses.’What did he look like? He looked like a total p****, an absolute clown,’ Williams insisted.

Comments like that have made this fight personal for Eubank.

‘He’s put me in a mindset that this is a personal situation, it’s only going to be bad for him,’ Junior said.

‘There will be extra spite in my punches on the night… when you attack someone the way you’ve attacked me, talked about me the way he has then it can’t be anything other than personal. He’s dug his grave and now he’s going to lie in it.’

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