Ex-UFC star raking in cash selling dirty socks and pics of her feet on OnlyFans

A kickboxer by trade, Felice Herring's biggest weapons have always been her feet.

Many of her UFC opponents can vouch for their devastating power, having felt the full force of a whack or ten.

But now, after calling time on her MMA career, she's using her two trusty assets to her advantage in a totally different way.

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Felice, 37, is using the power and pull of her feet to rake in the cash by selling her dirty socks and pics of her tootsies on OnlyFans.

Yes, the American combat sports star has turned her feet into money making cash cows.

And she's told TMZ Sports that she's living very comfortably by snapping shots of her feet and selling them. In fact, she says it gives her the freedom to fight at her leisure – which has never been the case previously.

Felice, aka Lil Billdog, has told how her fans with foot fetishes have also asked for some up-close looks – and she says she is more than happy to fulfil their requests.

She says some fans even want to possess her used socks, which she flogs them for $150 (£125) a pop.

The money she is making has allowed her to fight whenever she wants, unlike in the past when she had to just to survive.

She told TMZ: "(OnlyFans) has made a huge difference.

"After my first knee surgery, I wouldn't say I was broke but I had no money coming in.

"People don't realise, you're locked into this contract that you can't get out of, but you're not being paid to be in it.

"I've always had people who are obsessed with my feet.

"I'd just bought a house and was dipping into my money, but I thought people really love my feet so maybe I'll start an OnlyFans.

"If you like feet, I'm your girl!

"I sell my socks. They want them used or dirty. The more days I wear them the more they'll have to pay for them.

"(A used pair of socks) cost $150."

Felice, from Buffalo, Illinois, retired in June after suffering a fourth straight defeat

She lost by submission to Karolina Kowalkiewicz midway through the second round of their Vegas bout.

She steps away from The Octagon after almost 20 years of competing and now plans to make the transition to the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC).

Felice insists it's the perfect fit for what she's truly passionate about in fighting and admitted her heart wasn't in MMA.

She said: "Now, it's coming full-circle. I get to go back to doing what I love. And actually, boxing has always been my number one."


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