Fournier speaks out on KSI fight overturn – and thanks the Daily Mail!

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Fournier speaks out after KSI ruling – and thanks the Daily Mail for leading the way in getting a ‘no decision’ result… with both fighters keeping their unbeaten records for now

  • Joe Fournier has spoken out after KSI’s victory over him was overturned
  • The YouTube star was not disqualified despite using his elbow in fight win 
  • Fournier thanked the Daily Mail for leading the way to get the decision changed

Joe Fournier has thanked the Daily Mail for leading the way in getting the result of his recent fight against KSI changed. 

The YouTuber beat Fournier in the second round at Wembley on Saturday, but the incident caused controversy after replays showed KSI’s knockout blow had come from a forearm.

Now a post-match investigation by the Professional Boxing Association (PBA) has overturned the result, creating a ‘no decision’ verdict. KSI was not disqualified as the elbow use was judged to be accidental.

Now Fournier has told Mail Sport that their work in raising the incident at the time has helped to create Friday’s ‘no decision’ ruling.

Fournier said: ‘Good morning from London. Well, we have some news. I’m still undefeated. Still, no one can knock me out, and we’re back, baby.

Joe Fournier thanked the Daily Mail for leading the way in getting his defeat by KSI overturned

A post-fight analysis ruled that KSI had accidentally used his forearm during Saturday’s fight

‘The PBA have ruled it is officially a no contest. It was an illegal elbow, and I’m still undefeated, and still look brand new.

‘I want to thank the Daily Mail because they were the first ones to put it out.

Both fighters retain their unbeaten streaks as a result of Friday’s post-fight ruling

‘And that side of public outcry. I’ve had millions of people to my Instagram of well wishers and people seeing it. A lot of big, big name athletes and celebrities are saying that they couldn’t believe that the ref didn’t see it, but the PBA did make up for it.

‘But the PBA have made up for it, and so did DAZN, Misfits and Wasserman, to make sure their was a fair shout to the athletes who sacrifice a lot to be on these cards. 

‘Now you know, if there’s any dodgy, that they rectify it. Respect, and you know where we’re now at: the rematch!’ 

Both fighters now remain unbeaten as a result of Friday’s ruling – although it appears that both may be willing to risk that status by squaring up again to settle things fairly this time.  

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