Frank Warren opens up on Eddie Hearn rivalry ahead of potential Fury vs AJ clash

Frank Warren admits he has never spoken to rival promoter Eddie Hearn as the two look to arrange the undisputed heavyweight champion fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua .

Warren's client Fury stunned Deontay Wilder in their rematch last weekend, winning WBC gold and sending boxing fans into frenzy that he will now face fellow Brit AJ to determine the undisputed champion.

It remains to be seen if Wilder will activate a contract clause to set up a trilogy fight with the Gypsy King, but there may be another obstacle in the way of Fury v AJ.

That obstacle is that Warren has never spoken with Hearn, although he admits that he does not need to like his opposite number in order to agree to a contract with him.

"I've never, ever spoken to him," Warren told ESPN . "I know his dad (Barry) well because we worked together in the past.

"We were in business together in snooker for a while.

"He's doing what he's got to to do but his only problem for me is that he thinks he's more important than the fighters and the fans.

"At the moment he has this deal going with DAZN in the States which has been very lucrative for him and the fighters' but for all that money he hasn't built a star yet and has to rely on bringing fighters in from other promoters like [Canelo] Alvarez.

"But that's his business and I don't get involved, I just get on with it.

"I've been around a long time and I don't care what he's doing or what anyone else is doing. I just focus on our shows but he always has something to say about our shows."

Warren also highlighted that Hearn said Wilder would knock Fury out, saying: "Before the fight he said Wilder was going to knock out Tyson and he previously said Tyson was the most boring fighter ever, so he was wrong on both accounts… to call him boring is unbelievable.

"My job is to do the best for my guy and if the best for my guy is to work with Hearn or Bob [Arum] as we did… I've got to the best for my guy.

"To get this fight on of course we would work with him, I'm not getting married to him, there's nothing in the contract that says I have to like him."

Warren then chose to pick apart AJ as Hearn had done to Fury and gave his prediction for the super-fight, saying: "In less than a year you look at the turnaround, Joshua was top of the tree then he went to New York and it was a complete debacle. He was exposed badly and gave everyone the blueprint to beat him.

"He won his title back and he did it in good style in that he trained hard, got his tactics right and he was fit but Ruiz was a disgrace; the guy looked like he had been training in his larder.

"We know he has fast hands but he had no legs in that fight, he came in even bigger than he did for the previous fight so it played into AJ's hands.

"Tyson Fury is a great exponent of exposing people's weaknesses and for me there will only be one winner."

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