Fury had a cheeky message stitched into suit while going head-to-head with Whyte

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Tyson Fury had a secret message stitched into his pinstripe suit when squaring off with Dillian Whyte at their press conference on Wednesday (April 20).

Fury, who is set to defend his WBC Heavyweight Championship on Saturday, waltzed into the weigh-in wearing a bespoke suit. At first glance, it appeared to be covered in golden pinstripes, but upon closer viewing, it had a secret message.

The pinstripes weren't pinstripes at all, instead, in tiny golden lettering, Fury's suit read: "lineal champion." Alongside currently holding the WBC Heavyweight Championship, Fury also holds the lineal title, or, informally, 'the man who beat the man'.

The lineal championship is a world championship title held initially by an undisputed champion, in the heavyweight class that was John L. Sullivan.

The person to beat Sullivan takes the title – hence the nickname 'the man who beat the man'. The break in the direct continuity of a lineal championship happens when a reigning champion retires or moves to another weight class.

A new lineal championship will then be awarded for the next man to unify the division.

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Fury has held the lineal championship since 2015, when he beat Wladimir Klitschko, who had started a new line in the championship after Lennox Lewis retired in 2004.

As a result, Fury is the only active boxer who has held the lineal title in the heavyweight division.

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