“Hulk” Conor McGregor backed to earn a serious amount of money against Jake Paul

Conor McGregor has been backed to face Jake Paul in a mega-money boxing showdown after his recent weight increase.

The Irish star has been pictured with a new physique in training as his recovery from a broken leg injury suffered in July continues.

McGregor has claimed that he currently weighs 190lbs which could put him significantly nearer to potential rival Paul's natural weight.

Former UFC star Dan Hardy believes that McGregor is currently built like "Hulk" and is confident that any showdown with Paul would generate huge interest.

“It would make so much money it would be ridiculous,” Hardy told Reuters. “You’ve got two guys that have got their own audience, and an audience that is massive as well in their own right.

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“The only thing for me would be the [physical] size difference, that’s the only thing that would affect the saleability of the fight, but then with Conor having such a big personality and him looking like the ‘Hulk’ at the moment, I think it’s definitely something that’s saleable.

"The only issue for McGregor or any other UFC fighter is getting the organisation’s blessing to compete in boxing, and that is not always easy.

"That’s because the UFC very much feel like they’ve got ownership over the value of that person’s brand.

"McGregor is a great example – he probably wouldn’t have been the same brand had he not come through the UFC. I think people are more interested in the individuals in the fight than what they are actually fighting for.

"If Jake Paul fought Conor McGregor, more people would watch that than the UFC heavyweight title.”

Paul has recently fought at a catchweight with Woodley in his successful rematch bid where he weighed 191.4lbs.

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So if McGregor can match the weight he has claimed to be during his comeback, this would provide an efficient platform to stage a potential bout between the pair.

The Irishman currently has two fights remaining on his contract with the UFC and is seeking redemption at 155lbs.

However, McGregor has been told to make a return to any opportunities in boxing after a mega-money showdown with Floyd Mayweather.

Paul has frequently called out the former UFC double-champion and has reiterated his desire to make a match-up after his recent victory over Woodley.

Although McGregor's coach John Kavanagh has admitted he "hasn't seen" any established calls for his charge to face Paul in the boxing ring.

"He might talk to Audie all the time, but no," Kavanagh replied when asked if Paul was a possible opponent at a fundraiser for injured MMA fighter Ian Coughlan in Dublin.

"I heard something about Jake Paul being managed by an ex-UFC CFO [Chief Financial Officer].

"And I guess it's interesting to hear some of the negotiation tactics by that big organisation being leaked through Jake Paul, so it's kind of fun to follow that.

"But as for Conor vs Jake, I've honestly never once heard that, and I've heard some very crazy things, but that's never been suggested."

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