Jake Paul’s six-man shortlist for next fight includes Mayweather and ex-UFC star

Jake Paul has named a shortlist of his next boxing opponent.

The former YouTube star, 25, beat Tyron Woodley late last year but has not been in the ring since. Rumours are flying as to who will be next to face Paul but nothing has been confirmed yet.

But Paul has given a slight indication of where things are at in a recent interview. Speaking to Teddy Atlas’ podcast The Fight the US fighter revealed a six-man shortlist of who he will be facing next.

“Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya, Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Tommy Fury or Sonny-Bill Williams out of Australia. There’s a lot of people on the hit-list and some other names that we’re talking to. Just trying to pick the biggest opponent.

“Everyone I’ve fought I’ve carried the promotion, nobody has matched my star power so I’m looking for someone who can match my star power – we might fight in Australia, America or the UAE.”

Brother Logan Paul previously earned a draw with Mayweather, while Anderson boasts an impressive record in boxing and so would be no easy fight. Fury was previously lined up to fight Paul but the former Love Island star pulled out because of injury.

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Wiliams is a 36-year-old New Zealand heavyweight boxer who used to play professional rugby league and rugby union.

Paul then went on to call out De La Hoya to a possible clash in the squared circle. “Oscar, if you’re watching this. Man, get off the couch and start training because we can make this happen,” he said.

Paul has been calling out a number of fighters to come and face him. Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal have all been on the boxer’s hitlist.

Meanwhile, De La Hoya has previously claimed Paul is ‘the real deal.’ He said: “Let me tell you one thing about Jake Paul, he’s the real deal, I’m going to tell you that With only four or five fights and the way he’s taking it serious, Jake Paul is the real deal.

“And I dare anyone who has boxing experience, who has MMA experience, to call him out because I’ll tell you one thing.

"This guy can beat a lot of good champions and even maybe great champions.

“So, Jake Paul is taking it serious. This is not a one-off, a two-off, a three-off, no.”

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