JEFF POWELL: Brook must consider his future after Crawford humbling

Kell Brook must stick to his promise and consider his future after being blown away by Terence Crawford… his time has been and gone while a valedictory farewell fight with Amir Khan is all that is left for Special K

  • Kell Brook must now consider his future following his loss to Terence Crawford
  • Special K was blown away by the American inside four rounds in Las Vegas
  • At 34 and in the twilight of his career, there should be no more talk of fighting
  • The only other fight he should consider would be taking on old foe Amir Khan
  • A farewell to their British fans is just about all the future holds for these two 

Kell Brook promised that in the event of defeat by Terence Crawford he will sit down with his family to discuss his future.

That is a commitment he should honour as soon as he gets home to Sheffield, after being blown away inside four rounds in Las Vegas.

Not only has the punch resistance been shattered but the will to keep absorbing more pain looks to have been broken by the punishment inflicted by first Gennady Golovkin, then Errol Spence Jr and now Bud Crawford. The first two fractured his eye sockets. The latter has broken his heart.

Kell Brook must stick to his promise and consider his future after defeat to Terence Crawford

Now, for his own good at 34 and in the twilight of a long and arduous career, there should be no more talk of entering the ring with the best current fighters at welterweight. Or any other weight for that matter.

The only other conversation he should even consider would be if he can tempt Amir Khan to pick up the telephone.

A valedictory farewell to their British fans is just about all the future holds for these two former world champions who never got around to fighting each other for a title when in their prime.

‘That fight is still there,’ says Brook. Maybe so, in terms of domestic public interest.

The British fighter (right) was blown away by Crawford inside four rounds on Saturday night

Brook received a standing eight-count before Crawford moved in to finish off the fight

Although whether Kahn can be lured to the fray is uncertain. He is deeply involved now in his missionary work of spreading the gospel of boxing across the Asian world on behalf of the WBC.

Nor is it clear how healthy that scrap would be for Brook. Of all his many attributes, he appeared to be down to his hand speed on Saturday night. That was just enough for him to live with Crawford for three rounds, while the American widely touted as the best pound-for-pound boxer on the planet worked him out.

But if it came to Khan, he would be up against a boxer with even quicker fists than his own. While that it is a fight most of us would be intrigued to see, is that really a sensible proposition for Brook?

He swore he had trained like never before, even forgoing his habit of bingeing on the poundage between fights. He vowed he had come back down to welterweight with ease.

He certainly looked the muscular part but will he want to put himself through hell yet again, now that his six-pack has been exposed as more cosmetic than power-packed?

The only other fight he should consider taking on would be against old foe Amir Khan (above)

The quickness of his jab briefly achieved some semblance of parity with Crawford. 

Two judges gave him two of the first three rounds. The third had the defending welterweight champion up by one. For what it’s worth watching on television, I gave them one each with one even.

Any which way, it was an illusion. The moment Crawford the demon switch-hitter shifted gear to southpaw he connected with a right over the top of Brook’s left jab and sent his challenger sprawling against the ropes for a standing eight-count.

Crawford is as deadly a finisher as Cristiano Ronaldo – 28 KO’s now, including his last eight fights, in an unblemished record of 37 wins. Mercifully much-experienced referee Tony Weeks knew what was coming and stopped it as Bud went for the kill, without Brook mustering another punch in his own defence.

The quickness of Brook’s jab briefly achieved some semblance of parity with Crawford

However, Crawford was far too powerful for Brook who must consider hanging up the gloves

Crawford is looking ahead to super-fights with Spence and Manny Pacquiao. But while Brook had sworn to us he was back to his special best it turned out he had left the best of himself in the gym… and in his past.

Not that he can be blamed for cashing out of the championship reckoning with this big pay-night, while realising his long-held ambition to take to the stage in the boxing mecca of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He had earned that the hard way.

But after Crawford, shortly before dawn this Sunday morning in Sheffield, had Special K for breakfast… enough is enough.

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