Jon Jones reveals graphic reason for Ciryl Gane's quick tap

‘I could hear his spine POPPING!’: Jon Jones reveals graphic reason for Ciryl Gane’s quick tap that handed ‘Bones’ heavyweight title after just TWO MINUTES at UFC 285

  • Jones’s return to the octagon after three years saw him obliterate Ciryl Gane
  • ‘Bones’ shared details about the ‘nice chiropractic adjustment’ he gave rival
  • Jones is now preparing for his next challenge likely fighting Stipe Miocic  

Jon Jones has revealed the reason behind opponent Ciryl Gane’s quick tap during his emphatic victory at UFC 285 on Saturday. 

The newly-minted heavyweight champion won the contest with a barnstorming performance that wrapped up things after the fighters had spent a mere two minutes and four seconds inside the octagon. 

Jones’ utter dominance shown during his one-round victory has undoubtedly cemented Jones’ status as one of the contest’s all-time greats. 

But commentators on Saturday night were unaware as to what had actually forced Gane’s tap due to the speed at which it took place. 

Joe Rogan commented that it looked like Jones ‘might have had the arm under the neck’, admitting that ‘it seemed like a quick tap’. 

The titleholder confirmed that it made sense that Gane had wished to call time on the fight at speed, citing the ‘nice chiropractic adjustment’ he gave his opponent. 

Jon Jones’s lethal performance made his opponent Ciryl Gane submit after just two minutes

The champion’s graphic description of Gane’s spine ‘popping’ explains the Frenchman’s speedy tap

‘I locked it up twice,’ Jones told Sports Illustrated. 

‘The first time, I could hear his spine popping. I gave him a nice chiropractic adjustment. 

‘The second time, he didn’t want that same ratchet on his neck, and I put my arm on his neck and choked him out.’

Jones went on to admit: ‘I didn’t expect it to go that quickly. But that’s what we were looking for – the win and domination.’

The fighter’s win is all the more remarkable taking in account he had spent three years out of UFC before meeting Gane in the ring. 

More details about Jones’ stunning performance against the Frenchman have come out against the backdrop of former opponent Glover Texeira calling Jones his ‘hardest opponent’.

Jones already has his mind focused on his next opponent, calling out Stipe Miocic on the night

‘I couldn’t get anything, it was tough,’ said the retired fighter. 

‘He is hard to hit. And I didn’t feel like I hurt him.’

Jones is in the process of lining up his next fight against Stipe Miocic, who was sitting ringside to watch Jones’s decimation of Gane. 

The victor called out Miocic, saying that he hoped the former titleholder was ‘training’ in preparation of their match-up. 

‘You’re the greatest heavyweight of all time, and I want you,’ Jones added. ‘I want you real bad.’  

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