Khabib Nurmagomedov criticised after his "soft ass record" in UFC is exposed

Khabib Nurmagomedov is seen by many as one of the greatest fighters to step foot in the octagon, retiring with an undefeated record of 29 wins and zero losses.

Within the UFC, Khabib holds a number of records, most notably when he became the longest-reigning UFC lightweight champion after boasting the title from April 2018, until March 2021 when he called time on his MMA career.

At the time of his retirement earlier this year, Khabib was ranked number 1 in the UFC's pound-for-pound rankings, the 32-year-old bowing out at the top of his game after establishing himself as one of the most dominant fighters the sport has ever seen.

However, he is yet to convince everyone, with some fans voicing their doubts over Khabib and his record online.

One Reddit user took to breaking down Khabib's 32 professional bouts, before claiming that the majority of his opponents were easy fights.

Mid-way through his rise to UFC superstardom, Khabib fought Gleison Tibau, and despite being awarded the victory via the judges scorecards, this particular MMA fan was not so sure, claiming "Khabib 100% lost."

His sentiments were not echoed by fellow fight fans in the comments below, with the overwhelming majority rejecting the idea that Khabib has had it easy on his route to the top.

One user wrote: "Hahaha some people on this thread are hilarious. They think they having a soft first half of his career makes what he did any less than it is. The man beat the best of the best, who cares who else he beat? You sir are a true MMA fan."

Another claimed: "The hate on him is crazy lol straight facts made the elites in their prime look like they were nothing cant say that about anyone else."

Following his retirement, Khabib purchased the Gorilla Fighting Championship (GFC), a Russian-based MMA promotion, for $1 million before re-branding it as the Eagle Fighting Championship (EFC).

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