Logan Paul backed to beat boxing legend Mike Tyson in exhibition bout

KSI has told Logan Paul that he believes his old rival would beat Mike Tyson if the pair were to square off later this year.

The YouTube star has previously mentioned that Tyson could be his next opponent after going the distance with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout last month.

And his former foe KSI, who handed him his debut loss in professional boxing, believes that if he took on Tyson in the current day, that Paul has the ability to win that fight.

"Bro, with you and Tyson, I think you could beat Tyson," KSI said while appearing on Paul's 'Impaulsive' podcast.

"I know people are going to be like 'oh what the f*** JJ?' But, bro, you've got to remember that this isn't Tyson who's 18, this is Tyson who's 55.

"He's a legend, that's the thing, but people don't understand that we train like boxers man, because we're going in there with the world watching.

"Everyone is saying we can't do this we can't do that, but do you think we're going in there like 'oh we're YouTubers, we should try and just wing it'?

"No way bro, winging it is kind of what Deji [Olatunji's brother, who lost his two fights to Jake Paul and Vinnie Hacker] did, he thought he could get away with doing the bare minimum.

"He thought, 'I'm kind of strong, I've kind of got some technique, I should be able to just do it', but bro, we go in and we are gladiators.

"We have to prove to everyone that we can fight, and we're going to f***ing do it, and nobody can say s*** and when we do it people go 'oh we didn't expect that', but come on man, we're YouTubers that's how we are."

Tyson returned to the ring for an exhibition bout last November, and appears to be friendly with Paul, appearing on his podcast and Facetime calling him after his Mayweather bout.

But an exhibition between the two could prove to be one of the biggest boxing events of all time, particularly with the right undercard put together.

"The narrative always changes after the fact," Paul said in response to KSI's claim, citing the reaction to his exhibition with Mayweather as an example.

"It went from 'oh he's going to get his f***ing a** kicked, he's going to die in there, to 'oh he did a good job,' and I wonder about this, is it actually a bad thing?

"I'd say no, because my job is to do the impossible and your job is to believe that I can't, that's the balance of the universe.

"I'm the guy who's the delusional optimist, who always thinks that it's possible, who's going to try to prove myself right more than anything.

"And without you thinking I can't, there's no show, that's the dichotomy between the person who wants to do it and those who don't think he can.

"Without the ones saying I couldn't do the thing, I'm just doing what everyone already thought I could so there's no show or story there."

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