Masvidal says he WILL fight Edwards for UFC title ahead of Covington

‘I’m fighting Gilbert, then I’m fighting Leon’: Jorge Masvidal insists he WILL fight Leon Edwards for the UFC welterweight title ahead of Colby Covington, as he claims to have ‘insider information’

  • Leon Edwards defended his UFC welterweight title against Kamaru Usman
  • Dana White announced Colby Covington was next in line to fight ‘Rocky’
  • Jorge Masvidal claims he has ‘insider information’ that he will face Edwards next 

Jorge Masvidal has claimed he is next in line to fight Leon Edwards for the UFC welterweight title.

Dana White announced Colby Covington would face the 31-year-old next after ‘Rocky’ defended the belt in his third fight with Kamaru Usman earlier this month, but Masvidal has insisted he has ‘insider information’ that he will get a shot at the belt first.

Masvidal and Edwards have been tipped to share the octagon since 2019 when they had a backstage altercation following ‘Gamebred’s’ sensational knockout win over Darren Till in 2019.

The American seemed confident they would get their grudge match after UFC 287, as he told MMA Junkie Radio: ‘I’m fighting Gilbert [Burns], then I’m fighting Leon, I’m telling you that’s how it’s going to play out. I just got some insider information.’

‘I’m eager to get in there with Gilbert and utterly dismantle him to the point that everybody is begging for me to go and fight Leon.’

Leon Edwards defended his UFC welterweight title against Kamaru Usman last month

Edwards was due to fight Colby Covington next, but Jorge Masvidal has claimed he will be ‘Rocky’s’ next title defence.

Masvidal is due to face Burns at UFC 287 on Saturday, April 8. It will be a big fight for the 38-year-old, who is now without a win since 2019.

He seemed confident of getting a result in his next fight, as he added: ‘This chapter would be called: Gilbert ‘The Stepping-Stone’ Burns.

‘It’s no diss to Gilbert. I think he’s a good competitor and he comes to fight and stuff like that for the most part, but we’ve never been on the same skillset. As far as gameness and toughness and durability, he’s never had it, either. You crack him and he starts skating. 

‘I know he’s good in the jiu-jitsu world, but his wrestling ain’t that. I’ve only been focusing on the last six months that I can deal with these wrestlers efficiently, get to positions efficiently, not waste as much energy.’

Masvidal went on to claim he would ‘paint his Van Gogh on Gilbert’s face’ using ‘elbows, knees, kicks’ as his paint.

Masvidal will first have to fight Gilbert Burns, a match he referred to as a ‘stepping stone’

On facing Edwards afterwards, he said: ‘I know Leon’s not an idiot. He’s already fought before and defended the title and stuff, and he knows what a guy like me brings to the table besides the added beef that we have and the amount of pay-per-views we can generate together fighting for that title.

‘I think it’s epic. It’s a movie ending for me and everybody involved with me.’

‘Rocky’ also seems like he would be keen on fighting Masvidal, as he said after beating Usman: ‘Pay-per-view wise if Jorge Masvidal beats Gilbert Burns, that’s the fight to make. 

‘I had to fight 12 times for a title shot and he said he didn’t know who I was. I’m the king, I’ll decide who is next. Masvidal, I don’t like him so that’s the one I want. I think it would be an easy fight for me, he’s a weirdo.’ 

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