Mayweather fans convinced Logan bout was "scripted" after hearing ring interview

Some fight fans who stayed up to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul have been left convinced the fight was "scripted" following the boxer's post-fight interview.

The exhibition in Miami went the full eight rounds, with Mayweather landing some convincing blows but still failing to make a breakthrough.

Logan was tiring towards the end but still held on for the final bell.

After the fight, Mayweather said: "I had fun. You've got to realise I'm not 21 anymore.

"He's better than I thought he was. He's a tough, rough competitor.

"I was surprised by him. He knew how to use his weight and tie me up."

But the comments left many fight fans on Twitter unimpressed, after being typically familiar with an ultra-competitive Mayweather who wouldn't usually use the word "fun" after failing to win.

One fan said: "This fight was scripted, Floyd Mayweather literally just said Logan Paul was a 'good guy' and he was having 'a little fun', this is how you know that Mayweather and Paul wanted to troll the sports world, shame on these clowns."

Another said: "I don’t think this is a genuine fight.

"I’ve got a feeling this is all scripted & is going to be a WWE style contest which leads onto some type of Mayweather v Logan brothers trilogy or some nonsense."

And fellow fan raged: "That fight was scripted

"Floyd should have knocked him out long time ago shouldn’t take 8round."

After the bout, Paul said: "I don't want anyone to tell me anything is impossible ever again

"Everyone has it in them. Floyd Mayweather, it was an honour.

"You never know with this guy. I'm going to go home thinking, 'Did Floyd let me survive.'

"This is the coolest thing ever."

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