McGregor 'went AWOL before his 40-second stoppage of Donald Cerrone'

Conor McGregor ‘went AWOL before his 40-second stoppage of Donald Cerrone’ and arrived at T-Mobile Arena just 40 minutes before fight after causing panic and long delay to card

  • Conor McGregor last stepped into the octagon in 40-second win last January 
  • He ripped through Donald Cerrone but reportedly had gone AWOL before 
  • Irishman arrived at T-Mobile Arena 90 minutes late, causing long delay   

Conor McGregor caused a huge panic last January as he went AWOL prior to his main event fight with Donald Cerrone in Las Vegas. 

‘The Notorious’ makes a habit of turning up late to press conferences but also showed up well past the designated time at T-Mobile Arena last January. 

The UFC were sweating on his arrival to the extent that they delayed the televised third fight until they knew McGregor was in the building, which turned out to be 90 minutes late. 

Conor McGregor was 90 minutes late to the arena but still put Donald Cerrone away quickly

Last January Dana White had to delay the main card until McGregor was in the building 

Ultimately, McGregor’s performance was flawless, earning a TKO win in just 40 seconds.  

Ex-UFC star Chael Sonnen revealed: ‘There were five fights on the main card and two fights had happened. Prior to the third fight there was this huge break.

‘Conor McGregor wasn’t in the building. He drives himself to these events, he doesn’t check into the fighter hotel like everyone else.

‘Most athletes report to the lobby in the hotel, jump in a bus and head to the arena, go in and take care of business.

‘McGregor drives himself but he didn’t get picked up, they weren’t in possession of Conor.

‘Conor was to report just prior to the main card, his report time was 7pm for him to make his walk at around 9.15pm… there are things that have to happen; a drug test, the wrapping of the hands.

Conor pulls in 40 minutes before his fight, he takes off his suit, he does his drug test, somehow wraps his hands, finds his mouthpiece and I guess he warmed up; he did all of that before his music hit the speakers.

‘He walked out, stopped his opponent and was done and out of the arena in less than an hour.’

McGregor’s tardiness has wound up previous opponents with both Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz leaving the stage rather than wait for him to turn up. 

It would be remarkable if McGregor was to turn up late for Saturday’s UFC 257 main event against Dustin Poirier given the lack of distractions and strict anti-Covid rules on Fight Island.

McGregor has a habit of turning up late but usually manages to get the job done 

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