Meet the wives of Mike Tyson – including one he ‘caught sleeping with Brad Pitt’

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    Boxing champion Mike Tyson has been happily married for more than a decade now but fans may not realise this isn’t his first and only marriage.

    The Baddest Man on the Planet began his boxing career in 1985 and retired 20 years later, having racked up six world titles and reigned as undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

    During his career, he had 58 fights in total, with 50 wins, six losses, and two no contests – but his career was also marred with controversies, including biting Evander Holyfield's ear during their classic 1997 bout.

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    Outside the ring, Tyson's life has been just as turbulent – having been married three times while fighting accusations of cheating and violence.

    Iron Mike also had seven children – Mikey Lorna, Rayna, Amir, Miguel, Milan, and Morocco. Sadly Exodus died in 2009.

    Robin Givens

    Givens and Tyson got married just 11 months after their first date, at the height of his fame.

    The couple had hastily arranged a wedding after Tyson found out Givens was pregnant but she sadly suffered a miscarriage.

    The boxer forked out £3million for her and her mum to buy a New Jersey pad as well as another £6.5m into a bank account, it has been reported.

    However, soon after, she filed for divorce and claimed Tyson had been abusive towards her.

    In an interview on American news show 20/20 in 1988, Givens described her marriage to Tyson as "torture, pure hell, worse than anything I could possibly imagine".

    In 2009, Tyson appeared on a show with Oprah Winfrey and admitted that he had been violent with Robin. He said: "I have socked her before, and she socked me before, as well. It was just that kind of relationship."

    Iron Mike later wrote in his memoirs that he saw Givens in a car with Brad Pitt and also found them in bed together while she was still married to him.

    Tyson claims in his book Undisputed Truth that, upon finding the pair in bed, Pitt said to him: "Dude, don't strike me".

    "You had to see the look on his face," Tyson continued. "He looked like he was ready to receive his last rites."

    Givens, who is an actress and model, has denied these claims and said: "Pulling up in the driveway, that part is true,” Givens said. “I didn’t read the book, but I was told he says he caught us in bed, which never happened. Never, ever, ever happened.”

    Givens later married tennis instructor Svetozar Marinkovic in 1997 but they split shortly after in 1998.

    Givens adopted her son Michael "Buddy" Givens in 1993 and she had her second child William Jensen in 1999 with former American tennis player Murphy Jensen – her ex-boyfriend.

    Monica Turner

    Almost a decade later, Tyson married his second wife Turner who works as a paediatrician.

    The pair met in 1990 at a party hosted by Eddie Murphy and quickly became friends. They married seven years later.

    Even while Tyson served three years in prison after a rape conviction, Turner continued to support him and would visit him every two weeks.

    He was released in 1995 and moved to Maryland where they hoped to live a quiet life.

    The couple had a quiet Muslim marriage ceremony in 1997.

    Turner supported him through the most tumultuous times of his life but they went their separate ways in 2003 after she filed for divorce.

    The Washington Post reported Turner also raised “a daughter from a previous relationship” along with their two children, Rayna and Amir, in their home in Bethesda, without naming the daughter.

    Turner, who continues to live a quiet life, has not spoken about their divorce publicly.

    Lakiha Spicer

    Tyson met Spicer, who is known as Kiki, when she was just 18 years old – the pair were introduced by Don King after one of his bouts.

    However, they didn’t begin dating until the early noughties, eventually marrying in 2009.

    Tyson was dating Sol Xochitl during the early 2000s and they had two kids together, Miguel Leon in 2002 and Exodus, in 2005, but she sadly died two weeks before he married Spicer in a short and private ceremony in Las Vegas.

    Spicer and Tyson also have two children together, Milan and Morocco.

    While this is Tyson’s longest marriage – and continues to this day – it hasn’t been without any difficulties along the way.

    Tyson admitted to rapper T.I. on the ExpediTiously podcast in 2020 that he has only been faithful to Spicer the last two years of their marriage.

    But he added: “Without my wife, I’m a savage animal… I look at women differently as I get older."

    Spicer has also had a run-in with the law. In 2008, Kiki was sentenced to six months in federal jail for defrauding £60,000 from a company owned by her father.

    Spicer claimed to teach maths courses in the Sister Clara Muhammad School but allegedly used the school for money laundering.

    She was pregnant when she was serving time and when she was released, she found her husband addicted to drugs.

    With her support, Tyson kicked his addiction and told People magazine: “I’m very happy me and my wife got together, because I don’t know how I would have survived out there.”

    The boxer was back in the spotlight in June 2022 when he was filmed punching an airline passenger.

    A video, which emerged online, shows Tyson appearing to lose his cool after the man, “annoying” him in his seat.

    Tyson's team later claimed Iron Mike had been harassed by the man, George Townsend III, who had repeatedly bothered and even thrown a bottle of water at the 55-year-old.

    He spoke about the viral incident on the Jimmy Kimmel show and said: “I shouldn't have done it but I was irritated, tired, high and p***ed off. S*** happens. I don't want to hurt nobody."


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