Mike Tyson’s lightning reflexes and power spotted in fresh training clips

Mike Tyson looks fit and ready to go again after his impressive comeback bout in November.

Iron Mike battled to a draw against Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition fight despite his advanced age of 54, and there has already been talk of a trilogy with former rival Evander Holyfield.

The veteran said after his return that he has keen to do better in his next outing, adding that he feels like he is now back where he belongs.

Having no intention of slowing down following his return, Tyson has been filmed showing off his lightning reflexes and power while keeping sharp at home with a trainer.

Tyson was in the ring with Rafael Cordeiro, who has trained 16 MMA World Champions. Cordeiro recently captioned a photo of the pair: “2020 #stillthebaddestmanontheplanet.”

“I say I’ll be better the next one,” said Tyson last month.

“I could have done everything better. Everything I was doing, I could have done it better. God willing, I’ll be better the next exhibition.

“This is where I belong. I never once, even when my first day sparring and I got my rib cracked and a guy was just smashing my jaw, I never once said ‘what the hell am I doing here? Am I crazy?’

“I just said I’m in the right place. I said I’m in the right place.”

After that bout, fellow veteran Holyfield was asked about his potential return.

“We've definitely had conversations with them. It looks like it's going to happen,” Holyfield told TMZ.

“Let's do it, baby. Simple as that. Let's do it. That's the only guy that I see that the people want.

“If you're doing the thing, you're doing it for the people. The purpose is the people because it's the people that make things go around.

“As for just being him, if it wasn't for the people who want it, I wouldn't have said nothing to him.

“I’m a very confident person. I think it's going to happen.”

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