‘Most embarrassing excuse I’ve ever heard’: Wilder lashed over ‘hilariously bad’ costume defence

Deontay Wilder lost his WBC heavyweight belt on Sunday (AEDT), and then blamed his costume.

He also blamed his trainer, and the referee.

After being out-boxed in his first fight against Tyson Fury, he was out-muscled and out-punched in the second.

Wilder lost his title and his undefeated record, and the excuses he’s used to explain the defeat away have now been ridiculed.

Stephen A. Smith slams Wilder’s ’embarrassing’ excuse

Boxing: Deontay Wilder has claimed the 20kg costume he wore in his walk to the ring weakened his legs which contributed to his downfall, but ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith isn’t buying it.

“I’m very fond of Deontay Wilder,” Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN’s First Take. “I’ve spoken to him on several occasions away from the boxing arena. I really, really like him. So I hope that he accepts what I’m about to say in the spirit that it’s given.

“This might be the most embarrassing excuse that I have ever heard for a guy losing the fight. I am not questioning it’s validity … I’m not saying that it may not be true … he’s an honourable dude; I will take him at his word.

“But my god, this is just not something you publicise. The outfit that you wore to the ring weighing over 40 pounds is why you think you lost this fight? What the hell [did] you wear it the ring for?

“According to the reports, you tried it on the night before, you knew how much it weighed at that particular moment in time. Why would you do that? I understand it’s Black History Month, and all of that, [but] honour everybody by going in the ring and winning, not by going in the ring with an outfit on, for crying out loud.

“That ain’t what wins you fights, okay?”

The reason Deontay Wilder lost?Source:AP

? Eddie Hearn’s reaction to Deontay Wilder activating his clause for a third fight with Tyson Fury, meaning AJ vs Fury can’t happen next: “To be fair now I found out he lost because his ring walk outfit was too heavy, I’m glad he’s gonna get another chance.”

"He got beat so bad!" ?

Dillian Whyte has 0⃣ sympathy for Deontay Wilder after his loss to Tyson Fury…pic.twitter.com/h3IKJoSJh8

i have so much respect for Deontay Wilder but that costume excuse is so weak nobody made you wear that just take the loss like a man and come back stronger

Speaking to a range of publications, Wilder blamed the 40-pound (20kg) costume for his weakened legs, and is contemplating parting ways with assistant trainer, Mark Breland, who threw in the towel.

“I thought they could have stopped it in the fifth,” Smith said. “I thought they could have stopped it in the sixth. I thought Mark Breland waited too long.”

Max Kellerman, Smith’s co-host, compared Wilder to Muhammad Ali and Julio Cesar Chavez, all of them “undefeated fighters who couldn’t really accept the fact that they’d been beaten, that the other guy was better than them.”

“Deontay is so proud, he’s going into ego protection,” Kellerman said. “He’s looking for reasons he lost, because his brain can’t accept ‘that dude’s better than me’.

“And the way that the fight went down … there’s no reason for a third fight.

“Everyone knows Tyson Fury’s better. Does anyone think Deontay‘s going to win? Now, we’ll be on pins and needles because that’s how hard Deontay hits … but no one is going to be picking Deontay in a third fight.

As for the costume excuse, Kellerman added: “It’s a bad look. You’re right, it’s hilariously bad to blame it on your costume, even if you think that’s true.”

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