Ngannou vows to 'stop the hype' surrounding Gane at UFC 270

Francis Ngannou vows to ‘stop the hype’ surrounding former team-mate Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 as heavyweight champion insists footage of the pair sparring was leaked to ‘manipulate’ people ahead of grudge match

  • Francis Ngannou has vowed to end the ‘hype’ surrounding Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 
  • The former team-mates meet next month with plenty of hostility brewing  
  • Ngannou, 35, left the MMA factory where Gane used to train with Fernand Lopez
  • Gane, 31, is enjoying a rapid rise but Ngannou believes he can stop his ‘hype’
  • The champion also says sparring footage was leaked to ‘manipulate’ UFC fans 

Francis Ngannou is excited by the prospect of ending Ciryl Gane’s ‘hype’ ahead of the former team-mates’ heavyweight clash at UFC 270 next month.

Ngannou, 35, defends his UFC title for the first time since defeating Stipe Miocic last year and will face interim champion Gane, who is gaining traction among fans due to the fluid style that defies his 6ft 4ins frame. 

Gane, 31, is trained by MMA Factory head coach Fernand Lopez, who also trained Ngannou before the Predator changed gyms back in 2018. 

Francis Ngannou is ready to end Ciryl Gane’s ‘hype’ when they meet at UFC 270 next month

Gane, 31, has enjoyed a rapid rise and many believe he can pose the champion real problems

As a result, the two heavyweights have trained together before and footage of the pair sparring has been leaked. While Ngannou and Gane have kept things civil, the champion and Lopez have endured a war of words since his MMA Factory exit.

And Ngannou has vowed to ‘stop the hype’ surrounding his old team-mate when they square off in Las Vegas next year, insisting he is ‘better’ than Lopez’s new star pupil.   

‘He’s good and he’s just going to get better. He’s good. He’s talented, that’s for sure, and that’s the reason why he’s there, where he’s at,’ Ngannou said on his YouTube channel.

‘Right now? I’m just better, man, I’m just the man that’s going to stop the hype, and I can’t wait to get to this fight because what’s really funny about this is everybody that talks about this fight hypes him up.’

There is plenty of hostility behind the scenes after Ngannou left Gane’s gym, the MMA Factory

Ngannou says that sparring footage involving the pair was leaked so as to ‘manipulate people’

Ngannou also remarked on the sparring footage involving himself and Gane, in which the Frenchman appeared to have the edge over the champion. The Cameroonian says that the video was leaked to ‘manipulate’ the UFC masses.

‘It’s about to make him look better and make me look bad – to prove that he’s the man,’ he added. 

‘I really get intrigued by (that) stuff sometimes and then how they just control people’s mind, conditioning them to think – and suddenly they just shift from one way to other way of thinking. 

‘And I’m like, how easy is that to manipulate people? … They’re really good at manipulation. But at the end of the day, as I said, we both know. Everyone knows for a fact.’ 

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