Paul receives sinister warning from Fury as third fight attempt looms

Jake Paul confirms Tommy Fury has pulled out of December fight

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Tommy Fury has warned Jake Paul that he will get a ‘close-up view of what’s about to come to him’ on Sunday night when he faces Paul Bamba on the Floyd Mayweather vs Deji Olatunji card. ‘The Problem Child’ recently announced that he will be in attendance for the event and will no doubt have one eye on the co-feature attraction.

Paul and Fury have been scheduled to face each other on two occasions to no avail. In December, ahead of their first fight date, Fury was forced to pull out of the contest with a broken rib sustained in camp.

Then, eight months later after agreeing to try again, the bout agreement was terminated when Fury was denied entry to the United States – where the event was set to take place. But now with both men confirming their interest in attempting to make the fight happen for the third time, Fury is looking to make a statement on November 13 in the hopes of securing the mega fight.

Speaking to talkSPORT ahead of his next contest, Fury sent a message to the YouTube star: “A lot of people watch me fight and say, ‘Oh, yeah, I can beat him, I can do this’. But guess what? Jump in the ring. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

“Everyone can sit on the sidelines and say they can be this and be that, but when they get in there it’s a different story. All my opponents have said, ‘Oh, I’m gonna beat him, I’m gonna stop Fury, this and that’, but they don’t. So, at the end of the day, you’re gonna get a close-up view of what is about to come to him.”

With Fury still unable to travel across the pond, he recently challenged Paul to a fight in the UK to avoid all obstructions. Responding to the offer during an appearance on the MMA Hour, Paul said: “Yeah, I love going to those crowds because they all boo me, and I shut them up. I like playing the role of the heel, especially in the UK.”


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He added: “Yeah, there’s definitely interest, I think if his team is taking the financial risk and putting the event on then I’m cool. I just don’t want to take that risk because I think he’s going to back out again, most likely.

“It’s an easy fight for me, the kid’s a novice, he’s never even fought anyone good, he’s never even had an eight-round fight, he doesn’t have the experience I have which is crazy to say because he’s been boxing his whole life.”

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